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CIA Covert Intelligence Provocateuring within Mainstream Media in Race for Texas Governor Now Emerging From Shadows

Why did CIA-operative, neo-con talking heads Glenn Beck and Chris Matthews suddenly switch overnight from maligning and vilifying “9-11 Truthers” as “dangerous” to likewise maligning and vilifying “Birthers” while trying to associate them consecutively to Texas Constitutionalist-Republican gubernatorial candidate Debra Medina? Because neo-con Sarah Palin’s videoed statement during her VP run in 2008 that she believes there should be another full investigation of 9-11 completely blew out of the water the Shadow Government’s cointelpro operation to use vilification on ‘mainstream media’ of 9-11 Truthers to torpedo Debra Medina’s gubernatorial challenge against neo-con incumbent Texas Governor and Bilderberg attendee Rick Perry whom they are eying as their future presidential puppet darling. “The revelation that the Republican dirty tricks machine is targeting Constitutionalists as the real threat to their power structure, and the fact that they are using the neo-con fake ‘journalist,’ the Benedict Arnold of our times, Glenn Beck, as their primary mouthpiece for this assault, speaks volumes about the level of influence the real liberty movement is now having on the body politic in America. If Medina were to win the Governorship, Texas would become the bellwether trend-setting state and provide massive impetus for the liberty movement to run candidates and win in other states across America. A Medina victory would send a big message to the country and grease the skids for true Constitutionalists to take over state houses, governorships and legislatures nationwide. A Medina victory would also legitimize the Tea Parties as a true organic movement of the people, and not as an astroturf offshoot of the Republican party, as the neo-con hijacking of the movement has allowed it to be characterized by the establishment media.” If you haven’t discerned the CIA/Pentagon total commandeering of mainstream media yet … you might just be from a different planet. Continue reading

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Fed Sued for Supporting Sharia Law in AIG Bailout

In his well-written and detailed analysis issued yesterday, Judge Zatkoff denied the request by the Obama administration’s Department of Justice to dismiss the lawsuit [brought by the Thomas More Law Center]. The request was filed on behalf of Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and the Federal Reserve Board – the named defendants in the case. In his ruling, the judge held that the lawsuit sufficiently alleged a federal constitutional challenge to the use of taxpayer money to fund AIG’s Islamic religious activities. Continue reading

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WeThePeople Foundation Files Capstone Petition for Redress

I truly believe that this most recent court filing by Bob Schulz of “WeThePeople Foundation” captures the soul of the ultimate grievance that the American people have with the Federal government. Decency and civility demands that the voice of the People not only be heard but also command Redress.

The time of great public awakening and discourse is approaching, and the Federal government, along with the banking elite pulling its strings, know it. We can expect a further acceleration of attempts to ecclipse and distract from the truth of the decades of violations by the Federal government of the U.S. Constitution on behalf of an agenda about which the American people have been kept in the dark like sheep being led to the slaughterhouse. When all is said and done, truly will the mainstream media be soundly indited by an outraged public, while the refusal by those complicit in the deliberate assault upon the Constitutional Republic of the United States to voluntarily submit to justice can only tear at the underlying fabric of civilization: good will among men. Continue reading

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