Resuming, with Caution, My Support For Debra Medina For Texas Governor

To be clear, it’s the question of consistency that turned out to be the biting issue with the Medina-9/11 hoopla. The common man who knows the value of consistency and strives to live by that value has grown truly FED UP with the inconsistencies of his elected purported representatives, right to the top!

When Mark Davis spewed his stuff into the fan and Debra sopped up the splattering, many honest people took several steps away from Debra because they, and I, truly had, up to that point, come to believe that we had finally encountered the genuine straight-talker, straight-shooter, and everyday-neighbor personality whom everyone craves, one who could not be snookered or compromised while measuring all things against the U.S. Constitution. However, I found her responses to Davis to be somewhat rambling and convoluted, indicating a possible sense of desperation to strike a measured yet credible chord regarding the 9/11 Commission report.

With her assent to such a vicious characterization of 9/11 Truthers after having previously sympathized with our right to harbor conscientious and valid questions about such an incredibly painful issue, she exhibited the same unsavory propensity toward calculated inconsistency for the sake of political expediency that we’ve seen in candidates from both major parties. Such was the shock wave that profoundly resonated throughout the Liberty Movement, resounding still more because of the plethora of damning false flag evidence. From the get-go, however, I sensed that Mark Davis was staging a pre-arranged platform, lending an air of utter dishonesty to the entire act.

I listened to Jack Blood tonight. (MP3) I was reminded of George Orwell’s utterance, “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” Jack Blood was all about doing the revolutionary thing with this airing … out. He helped me to put aside (but not fore-go!) the confusion and disappointment over the Davis interview. I want to make clear that I would have come to the same decision to withdraw support, based not on whether Debra believes 9/11 was an inside job but on the points of her inconsistency and assent to the demonizing of 9/11 Truthers, even had I not first heard about it all from Alex Jones. Nevertheless, it is true that AJ’s long rant served to hammer home these valid points, while his effusive invective over the compromising of principles did have a convicting influence. Engaging in calculated inconsistency, and the maligning of sincere truth-seekers, in one fell swoop, by someone who had garnered our confidence, was, and is, enormously hurtful, especially for those 9/11 Truthers who have been personally impacted by this dastardly, evil, false flag atrocity. God will see to it, I truly believe, that justice will be done, BUT! only *through our participation* in the march of Truth.

With all that said, I acknowledge that no one of us can alter or control what others think of us. In the end, all we truly have is the inner spirit-leading toward all truth, should we choose to follow it, however imperfectly, and regardless of what anyone thinks of what that should look like. I want to resume believing that Debra Medina *would* step forward to explain herself conscientiously were she not needing to walk a fine line to vie for an elected office.

I believe Texas MUST be salvaged from the neo-con, NWO wrecking-yard plans. I think Debra would be the first to agree that, should she succeed to the Governor’s chair, she should be watched like a hawk by the people, many of whom would be engaging in such a level of political involvement for the first time. Regardless of her genuine stand on the 9/11 question, she is, and always has been, all about salvaging Texas for Texans. Basing my feeling on the overall platform of her candidacy, I would be proud to become a Texas resident someday were she to become Governor.

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Pentagon Seeks “De-Citizenship” Work-Around To Create Precedent for a Police State

I would expect that a judiciary body would find that there exists within the U.S. Constitution safeguards of the natural rights and protections of those American citizens who are Native-born, together with those of its specialized category of ‘Natural-born,’ as being innately Sovereign over the Federal Government, losing a critical measure of their liberties only upon conviction by jury trial of Treason and precipitating severe punishment.

The only citizenship-stripping which already finds precedent appears to be in the case of Naturalized immigrants who, having been found guilty in a jury trial of treasonous criminal activity, can not only be subject to severe punishment but also stand to forfeit their citizenship status that had been previously granted through the process of Naturalization (14th Amendment). But one’s Native-born and its specialized category of ‘Natural-born’ citizenship status are not dependent upon the 14th Amendment.

It seems to me that this “exploration” by the tyrannous neo-cons amounts to yet another attempt to usher in a Police State, to subvert the Republic.   Apparently the Pentagon wants to usher in a Police State, as in TOTALITARIANISM.

It’s high time our elected representatives REPRESENT their constituent CITIZENS and set the Pentagon straight.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Pentagon Quietly Explores De-Citizenship of US Citizen Terrorists

By Steve Clemons – February 10, 2010, 12:07PM
Reposted from

At the highest levels of the US military, a quiet discussion is going on about putting in place a legal framework that would permit the US government to strip American citizenship from terrorists.

The case of Las Cruces, New Mexico born al Qaeda commander Anwar al-Aulaqi, who has been a key organizer and recruiter for the terrorist organization in Yemen is the primary driver of this exploration of possibly modifying US law to allow “de-citizening.”

As the Washington Post‘s Dana Priest recently revealed, al-Aulaqi was added recently to a short list of other Americans for whom there are kill orders in place.

A senior Member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence has told me that to his knowledge, there has been no serious discussion in the Committee of stripping US citizenship from terrorists, but a senior Pentagon official has confirmed that some in the military are exploring the upsides and downsides of such a more routenized mechanism for stripping citizenship.

A national security attorney who serves in an advisory capacity to President Obama has reported to me that there is no legal way for the US military or the government to strip citizenship from Americans.

But Eugene Volokh, exploring in a Salon article the case of American gone al Qaeda adventurer John Walker, writes in 2001 that “8 U.S.C. § 1481 : US Code – Section 1481” may provide such a mechanism.

As Volokh then wrote pondering whether a terrorist could be stripped of his US citizenship:

Maybe. A federal statute says that a citizen loses his citizenship by “serving in the armed forces of a foreign state if such armed forces are engaged in hostilities against the United States” but only if he does so “with the intention of relinquishing United States [citizenship].”

This topic can be more ably discussed by sharp legal minds like Jeffrey Toobin, Jeffrey Rosen and Glenn Greenwald — but it seems to me that establishing a regularized legal framework specifying that alleged terrorists be stripped of US citizenship so that the military can deal with those de-nationed individuals differently reminds me of the kind of legal gray area that Cheney national security adviser David Addington loved to create.

By posting this question, I trust that others will review other cases and the legal background of this question of stripping citizenship in times of war — and weigh in.

The Pentagon’s top stars are mulling over this issue now and just beginning to probe receptevity in the administration and among some in Congress.

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Another Police-State, Totalitarian “Notch” for the Shadow Government – The Power to Assassinate American Citizens Abroad is Seized In Plain View

The individual’s right to freely question and to freely choose dissent is already becoming endangered as it is. 9/11 “Truthers” and “Birthers” are increasingly vilified and painted as “dangerous” by mainstream media and the talking-head puppets of the CIA and Pentagon. Now, with the CIA incrementally showing its hand, the “Shadow Government” has fundamentally asserted a constitutionally-prohibited power, and has done so “in-your-face” to our congressional representatives. This has opened the door for further deconstruction of our Republic by encouraging the construction of a pretext of conscientious, questioning, peace-loving American citizens potentially being regarded as dangerous extremists. Acceleration of the ushering of the Republic of the United States into an eventual Totalitarian Police State proceeds apace. It’s all by design.

It seems to me that the individual States should lever some genuine 10th Amendment constitutional power over this egregious violation by the rogue Shadow Government of the civil rights of Sovereign Citizens!


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UPDATE: Support Resumed. – Debra Medina Throws TRUTH Under The Bus – Alienates 9/11 “Truthers”


Resuming, With Caution, My Support For Debra Medina For Texas Governor

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Debra Medina throws TRUTH under the bus

~~ heavy-hearted ~~~

After Glenn Beck ambushed Debra Medina to attempt to sabotage her candidacy for Texas Governor by painting her as a “9/11 Truther”, Debra Medina made subsequent public comments affirming that thinking people have a right to ask questions. However, on February 18th, to Mark Davis’ serpentine staged prodding, Debra Medina clearly indicated that she is not a “Truther.” However, she continued with an assault on “Truthers” by agreeing with Mark Davis’ demonizing Truthers as “despicable.”

Not only is the fact of outright duplicity a profoundly serious issue, in my opinion the even more astronomical issue is all the evidence that has accumulated that fully indites 9/11 as a staged terror event, not the least of which evidence is the unspent nano-thermite explosive material, residue, and the lakes of molten aluminum that is the unmistakable chemical reaction of exploding thermate.

I can’t respect anyone who bends to political intimidation, especially in this case when I think of the THOUSANDS of lives MURDERED and the nightmare lived by family members for the rest of their days only so that the neo-con minions of hegemony would acquire the pretext for even more murder.

9/11 was a false-flag abomination. Debra Medina has made public utterances to the effect that conscientious people have a right to harbor questions. Now, she has actually referred to us as “despicable” by assent. Debra Medina has now demonstrated that she, too, is an abomination.

Until Debra Medina should not only apologize to the thinking public but also fully embraces the growing crescendo calling for a new investigation, I hereby regretfully withdraw my support for her candidacy for Governor of Texas.

As for who should be Governor … I know not.

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CIA Covert Intelligence Provocateuring within Mainstream Media in Race for Texas Governor Now Emerging From Shadows

Why did CIA-operative, neo-con talking heads Glenn Beck (allegedly ‘right-wing’) and Chris Matthews (allegedly ‘left-wing’) on “mainstream news” suddenly switch overnight from maligning and vilifying “9-11 Truthers” as “dangerous” to likewise maligning and vilifying “Birthers” while trying to associate them consecutively to Texas Constitutionalist-Republican gubernatorial candidate Debra Medina?  Because neo-con Sarah Palin’s videoed statement during her VP run in 2008 that she believes there should be another full investigation of 9-11 completely blew out of the water the Shadow Government’s cointelpro operation to use vilification on ‘mainstream media’ of 9-11 Truthers to torpedo Debra Medina’s gubernatorial challenge against neo-con incumbent Texas Governor and Bilderberg attendee Rick Perry whom they are eying as their future presidential puppet darling.

(See appended story, “Sarah Palin 9/11 Truther Controversy Explodes” below.)

If you haven’t discerned the CIA/Pentagon total commandeering of mainstream media yet … you might just be from a different planet.

Predictably, the immediate aftermath of the plane crash today into Austin’s IRS and CIA offices took the form of a fierce squabbling among those still entrapped within the Left-Right matrix, precisely the outcome that the CIA and Pentagon would like to see. Meanwhile, ‘mainstream news’ agencies quickly initiated lock-step speculation into involvement of the Tea Party Movement.

A Washington Post writer says “I am struck by how his alienation is similar to what we’re hearing from the extreme elements of the Tea Party movement.”

New York Magazine says “In fact, a lot of his rhetoric could have been taken directly from a handwritten sign at a tea party rally.”

And DailyKos has this opening statement in their article on the plane crash:

“After months of threats on the United States government, and government institutions, the Anti-Government forces known as the teabaggers have struck with their first 911 inspired terrorist attack.”

Now it may be just a matter of hours for ‘mainstream media’ to begin to associate Joe Stack’s maniacal rampage with Texas gubernatorial candidate, Debra Medina, who is arguably the most notable sweetheart of the REAL DEAL Tea Party Movement, which is known for calling for, among other Constitutional remediations, the abolishing of the Federal Reserve and the IRS, the ceasing of all “bailouts,” the rejection of new taxes, the uncompromised protection of 2nd Amendment rights, and the termination of all offensive and unjustified wars of aggression abroad. Nevertheless, as much as the CIA and Pentagon wants desperately to dispense with this growing up-swell of PEACE-LOVING, ordinary AMERICANS who are awakened to the fraud to which this nation has been subjected since the inception of the Federal Reserve, no amount of covert intelligence manipulation of the ‘mainstream media’ will subdue the Truth that is alive and thriving in the hearts of increasing numbers of Patriotic Americans:

Joe Stack’s suicide letter:

Interestingly, truth has that funny little way of wending its way to the surface. Something to consider:

At 2:55, the girl says that Hazmat teams and fire trucks were in place across the street before the building was hit by the plane – a very lucky coincidence indeed.

And then, there’s this priceless story:

Source: FBI Knew Austin Attack Was Coming

A trusted source has told this office that the FBI knew Austin was going to be attacked today and had dispatched officers from its Dallas headquarters yesterday afternoon to be in place for today’s incident.
The source claims that a confidential memo was circulated yesterday detailing that a building in Austin was going to be the target of an attack today. He was told this by an informant who works in the Dallas FBI office.
Four FBI agents hurriedly left the Dallas office yesterday to be ready and on the scene for the aftermath of the incident, according to the informant, who was shaken when he saw events unfolding today and put two and two together. Read more …

Insider: Republican Dirty Tricks Machine Targeting Grass Roots Constitutionalists

Establishment neo-cons have resolved to attack Debra Medina, Alex Jones and Ron Paul because they are terrified of losing control of the Tea Party movement

Paul Joseph Watson
February 17, 2010

Reposted from

A prominent insider has told Infowars that Texas Governor Rick Perry and other establishment neo-cons have decided to deliberately target grass roots constitutionalists with dirty tricks campaigns in an effort to derail and hijack the growing liberty movement whose influence is threatening to blow the Texas gubernatorial race wide open.

Our office was contacted by a national personality, a household name, who told us that they were in a green room at a national public event a few weeks ago with Rick Perry. The individual was shocked when Perry said directly that there were three people who ‘got under his skin’ and who ‘had to be dealt with’ immediately.

One – Debra Medina, two – Alex Jones, and three – Ron Paul.

Perry told the individual that these three people had to be targeted and stopped in order for the Republican establishment to shut down any real voices of opposition that were threatening to have an influence on the Tea Party movement, which has been blatantly hijacked by the neo-cons in recent months.

Perry made it clear that these individuals and their supporters were the number one target of the neo-con hierarchy because the grass roots was threatening to regain control of the Tea Party movement that was first created by Ron Paul supporters back in 2007, but has since been hijacked by the Republicans.

The insider expressed their shock that Perry would be so open with his comments, suspecting that Perry must have considered the individual to be a fellow neo-con. The insider’s deep concern about what was said prompted them to contact our office.

Perry made the comments just a couple of weeks before gubernatorial challenger Debra Medina, the only true constitutionalist running for Governorship in Texas, was set-up by Fox News’ Glenn Beck, after the duplicitous talk show host smeared Medina and generated a fake controversy merely for saying that people should be free to question the official 9/11 story, a view shared by the vast majority of Americans.

Perry, who was subsequently celebrated by Beck as the only remaining credible candidate after the smear attack on Medina, must have been in on the ploy. Within an hour of her appearance on the Glenn Beck radio show, Texas residents told the Austin-American Statesmen that they had received robo-calls on behalf of the Perry campaign demonizing Medina as an unstable “9/11 truther,” echoing Beck’s manufactured talking point aired just an hour earlier.

There can no longer be any doubt that the RNC establishment is running a targeted smear campaign against real grass roots conservatives and libertarians because they are terrified that such individuals will be able to steer the Tea Party movement in a genuine national revolt against big government, thereby massively diminishing the power of establishment Republicans.

This dirty tricks campaign is most likely being steered by Karl Rove, master Republican political strategist and former Rick Perry campaign manager. Rove cut his teeth in Texas, using his “uncanny ability to manipulate federal prosecutors into going after the officeholder his client was trying to unseat,” reports Harper’s Magazine writer Scott Horton.

Horton reveals how Rove, in his capacity as Perry’s campaign manager for the powerful Texas office of Commissioner of Agriculture, eliminated Perry’s political opposition by using his influence to launch aggressive criminal investigations into their past and then hyping allegations of misconduct in the media.

Rove is a kingpin of smear and dirty tricks campaigns, and his fingerprints are all over this latest assault.

We now have confirmation of everything we have been witnessing from the likes of Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly and even establishment leftists like Chris Matthews, who have all been echoing the same talking points about grass roots constitutionalists and “9/11 truthers” being terrorists and a threat to the President – this is all part of an orchestrated campaign to target real patriot leaders for character assassination and it is being directed from the highest levels of the Republican power structure.

While Medina and Ron Paul are being attacked from above by the establishment, since this would be too obvious – Alex Jones is constantly being attacked from below by phony patriot groups [NOTE: I take issue with this reference.–Opey606] in a ploy to make the smears look more organic and genuine in their nature.

Ron Paul is setting the example of how the liberty movement can have an impact at the national level, which is why the Republicans are running three fake Tea Party candidates against him. Medina is showing people that it’s possible to take back control at state level. Alex Jones is setting the example of how Constitutionalists can take back control of the fourth estate, the media.

The burgeoning success of this combination has the establishment running scared, which is why they have resolved to sick attack dog media whores like Glenn Beck on any individual who poses a threat to the controlled left-right paradigm that Beck upholds while marginalizing any real voices of opposition to big government. As we have exhaustively documented, Beck poses as a grass roots libertarian and yet he is a virulent neo-con, constantly hyping an attack on Iran, supporting the bailout and calling for more new taxes.

Beck is following the precise methods laid out by Obama White House regulation czar Cass Sunstein in his 2008 white paper. “Conspiracy theorists,” i.e. real Constitutionalists and grass roots activists, have been targeted as the number one threat to the power structure and Beck’s job is to neutralize their influence by using a mixture of infiltration, in claiming he is a libertarian yet leading his followers astray on key issues, as well as demonization, by claiming people who question 9/11 are an extremist fringe on both left and right, when in fact they make up no less than 84 per cent of the population.

The revelation that the Republican dirty tricks machine is targeting Constitutionalists as the real threat to their power structure, and the fact that they are using the neo-con fake ‘journalist,’ the Benedict Arnold of our times, Glenn Beck, as their primary mouthpiece for this assault, speaks volumes about the level of influence the real liberty movement is now having on the body politic in America.

Internally, while the likes of Perry and Beck dismiss the real grass roots as “fringe extremists,” with Beck claiming earlier this week on his show that they make up no more than 10 per cent of the country, their constant attacks illustrate just how worried the neo-cons are about the growing liberty movement, which comprises far more than 10 per cent of politically active Americans.

The phrase “As goes Texas, so goes the U.S.” has never been more appropriate. If Medina were to win the Governorship, Texas would become the bellwether trend-setting state and provide massive impetus for the liberty movement to run candidates and win in other states across America. A Medina victory would send a big message to the country and grease the skids for true Constitutionalists to take over state houses, governorships and legislatures nationwide.

A Medina victory would also legitimize the Tea Parties as a true organic movement of the people, and not as an astroturf offshoot of the Republican party, as the neo-con hijacking of the movement has allowed it to be characterized by the establishment media.

A victory for the liberty movement in Texas would also completely derail funding for the North American Union, the NAFTA Superhighway, cap and trade measures being enforced at state level, and a whole host of other unconstitutional initiatives that are being pushed by globalist and Bilderberg attendee Rick Perry.

Watch the video below in which Alex Jones explains how Rick Perry, Glenn Beck and the neo-con establishment have resolved to target the true liberty movement as the number one threat to their power structure, as well as how Sarah Palin’s comments on 9/11 expose how the Debra Medina “9/11 truther” controversy was a manufactured hoax.

Sarah Palin 9/11 Truther Controversy Explodes

Aaron Dykes and Alex Jones
February 17, 2010

Reposted from

Beck attacked Medina for questioning 9/11, but revelation that Perry ally Palin called for new investigation shakes up Governor race

Days after Debra Medina’s rising bid for Texas Governor was stung by controversy over comments about 9/11 on the Glenn Beck Show, it has emerged that former Vice Presidential candidate and “Tea Party’ darling Sarah Palin has done her one better– stating her support for a new 9/11 investigation just before the 2008 election, and going far beyond Medina’s mild statement.

Yet, it isn’t the audacity to admit there are remaining questions about 9/11 when scientific polls have found that 84% of Americans do not believe the official story and at least six of the 9/11 commissioners think their own report is flawed, or worse. Instead, it is the hypocrisy of Glenn Beck and the media cretins who followed his lead in dismissing and defaming Medina outright for not immediately belittling 9/11 truthers while ignoring similar statements by GOP darling Sarah Palin.


The Statesman reported that Glenn Beck even grilled Medina on whether or not she would ‘disavow’ any advisers known to hold certain beliefs about 9/11. Medina responded. “I’m certainly not into mind control or thought-policing people.”

Furthermore, Medina’s GOP challengers– incumbent Rick Perry and Sen. Hutchison blasted her in the media within mere minutes of her 9/11 comments. Surely, they were fearful of Debra Medina’s sharp rise in the polls, and seized on the opportunity to harm her politically.

Sitting Governor Perry, who was endorsed by Sarah Palin during a recent stump appearance at the Texas capitol, stated that Medina’s comments were an “insult”:

“Today’s comments were an insult to the thousands of Americans who lost loved ones on Sept. 11 and the military men and women who are overseas protecting our country. President Bush worked tirelessly to protect our nation from additional terrorist attacks and anyone who would suggest Sept. 11 is a conspiracy involving the Bush administration should be ashamed.”

Will Gov. Rick Perry also rebuke Sarah Palin, his top endorsement, for her potentially “insulting” statement? It is doubtful; and until he does, it is arguably hypocritical.

Further, Medina is not the only gubernatorial candidate to question the events of 9/11. Democrat Farouk Shami went quite a bit further than anything Medina had said when he stated:

“People have talked about it. Professors have written books about it. People overseas talk about it. Whenever I go overseas, people ask me these questions about it. Why are we questioned about it? Do they know something we don’t know, the public? But you know, look, we still don’t know who killed JFK– whose behind it, let’s put it that way. Would we ever find the truth about 9/11? That’s a very dangerous subject to get into, you know? So it’s hard to make judgement. I’m not saying yes or no. Because I don’t know the truth.”

Yet no fuss is made about these individuals. Debra Medina is attacked, however, because she truly is a threat to the political establishment. Perry, Hutchison, Beck and others pretend to want limited government, pretend to defend the 2nd Amendment and property rights, but really support new taxes, look the other way at corporate looting and otherwise refuse to stand for true Texas sovereignty and the rights of individuals. When Medina proves that she really will change things and challenge undue Federal powers, she is attacked and cast aside as a pariah.


Glenn Beck Dictates what is 'Truth'Glenn Beck, who has stated that he “hates the 9/11 victims’ families” for asking questions, who hascalled 9/11 truthers “dangerous anarchists”, who has called Ron Paul and his supporters ‘domestic terrorists’, has gone out of his way to politically assassinate anyone even loosely affiliated with questioning the official government account of September 11. Now that Beck has underhandedly tried to sabotage Debra Medina, will he also call out fellow FOX News personalitySarah Palin for daring to broach the subject that makes him come unglued?

And, if Debra Medina is guilty of association with 9/11 truth, Sarah Palin is by definition more guilty. She has stated support for an all-out new investigation of 9/11 (the valhalla of the 9/11 truth movement) All the more threatening because Beck and Gov. Perry have already branded themselves with Palin- aghast, a truther in disguise?.

After all, Glenn Beck went so far as to say that Medina’s comments about 9/11 not only urged him to ‘cross her off the list’ but constitute to make her a “Flat Earther.” Yes, Glenn Beck made an astounding appeal on his Feb. 16th program about the 9/11 truth “takeover” of the Tea Party movement. He referred to Debra Medina as a “flat earther” and implied that she, like once White House Czar Van Jones, is somehow a cryptic-9/11 truther who holds her beliefs in secret while attempting to infiltrate the halls of government.

This, Glenn Beck deduces, in an air reminiscent of McCarthy and HUAC, is why he felt the need to flush out Medina’s true attitudes via a surprise question on Sept. 11 orthodoxy. Since when did TV pundits decide what people are allowed to think, anyway? Beck “The Inquisitor” made an example out of Debra Medina and– in true Orwellian fashion– put his boot down firmly, demanding that those ‘dangerous truthers’ be purged or be damned.

A real tea party, 9/11 truth.He then lectures on why the NY Times is linking the Tea Party with “violence.” Why? Because of 9/11 Truthers who have ‘infilitrated’ the Tea Party he pretends to speak for.

Despite what Beck has alleged, the 9/11 Truth movement is committed to non-violence. The only danger posed is in the questions it has raised.

Actually, the Tea Parties of the last decade were first those of 9/11 Truth, then Ron Paul, and only after the election of Barack Obama, hijacked by the Republican Party and FOX News as a vehicle for a party resurgence.

By contrast, Glenn Beck gave Sarah Palin a worshipful welcome to the FOX Network only weeks ago,embarrassingly comparing her to George Washington, reading aloud his diary entry anticipating their interview together, putting her on the “most admired list” and otherwise urging her to be a ‘reluctant’ candidate in 2012. (See below or Jon Stewart’s lambast of the awkward interview)

But do not despair. Debra Medina has not lost her potency in the race for Governor. It is precisely because of her unforeseen quickening in the polls that the establishment media and candidates raced to shut down a viable candidate that stood for true issues. Her campaign dies only if you let it. They are afraid of a true Constitutional office holder; don’t let attack dogs like Beck practice duplicity – writing off Medina for 9/11 and praising Palin in spite of it. Let Glenn Beck know that the thought police will not tell us what to think or how to vote.

RELATED: NeoCon Palin’s tea party takeover will facilitate Obama reelection

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UPDATE: The REAL LIBERTY CHOICES in the TEXAS 2010 Primary election for Governor on March 2nd

Time is now for a tall Texas reckoning.

UPDATE 2/27/2010:


Resuming, With Caution, My Support For Debra Medina For Texas Governor


Reposted from Facebook
Robert Morrow

Debra Medina is for 1) Ending Property Taxes 2) States Rights and using Nullification and the 9th and 10th Amendments to protect the rights and freedoms of Texans. Debra Medina is also pro-home schooler, pro-parental rights and very pro-gun rights! Debra Medina was one of the top organizers in Texas for Ron Paul and she is a pro-liberty candidate. Debra Medina is pro-life, pro-liberty and pro-property rights. 1) 2) You can get a lot of free Medina handouts/fliers here at the Medina grassroots page: Debra Medina is the Real Deal and voters need to know about it! Please email this list to your friends. Here is an excellent radio interview with Medina with Pratt on Texas:


Rick Perry’s Big Government agenda:


Vote AGAINST Rick Perry, the anti-Liberty candidate. I will NOT be supporting Rick Perry if he is the GOP nominee. Vote AGAINST Rick Perry in the primary; vote AGAINST Rick Perry if he makes the run-off; Vote AGAINST Rick Perry if he is in the general election. Rick Perry is the Anti-Liberty candidate, weak on U.S. national sovereignty, and weak on Texas sovereignty. He is anti-parental rights (HPV and FLDS raid), a HUGE issue with me. The only way to defeat TOLL ROADS is to defeat Rick Perry.

VOTE FOR THESE LIBERTY FRIENDLY CANDIDATES: The candidates below are all pro-liberty candidates. Many of these are Ron Paul supporters or who have shown a willingness to be pro-Constitution, pro-liberty, pro-U.S. national sovereignty, pro-Texas sovereignty on many issues. Note the SBOE candidates are important because they will do everything they can to prevent the federal government from running Texas education.


Supreme Court, Place #3: RICK GREEN (not Jeff Brown) *KEY RACE*

Supreme Court Place #9: EVA GUZMAN

State Board of Education #5: KEN MERCER *KEY RACE*

State Board of Education #9: DON MCLEROY *KEY RACE*

State Board of Education #10: BRIAN RUSSELL *KEY RACE*

State Board of Education #15: RANDY RIVES *KEY RACE*

Congress # 10: JOE PETRONIS (over Michael McCaul)

Congress #11: CHRIS YOUNT (over Mike Conaway)

Congress # 21: STEPHEN SCHOPPE (over Lamar Smith)

Congress #23: ROBERT LOWRY

Congress #25: GEORGE MOROVICH (over Donna Campbell)

Justice 3rd Court of Appeals: MELISSA GOODWIN *KEY RACE*

Justice 4th Court of Appeals: MARIALYN BARNARD

State House #47: HOLLY TURNER

State House #50: RYAN LAMBERT

State House #52: STEPHEN CASEY

State House #59: WILL BRATTON

State House #99: MATT KRAUSE

Travis Justice of Peace #3: MIKE BARRE

Travis GOP Precinct # 200: DAVID ROGERS

Travis GOP Precinct # 275: MARIO JORDAN

Travis GOP Precinct # 359: DOUG SCHERER

Travis GOP Precinct # 376: JEFF KANTOFF

Travis GOP Precinct # 378: DAN ADAMS

Travis GOP Precinct # 421: BUTCH SMITH

Travis County Judge: Do NOT vote for Mike McNamara. Vote AGAINST Mike McNamara!

This guy is a Ron Paul-hater; he is an Anti-Liberty candidate who is worthy of your OPPOSITION. This joker is the symbolic head of what is known as the “Bootlicker Wing” of the Republican party. McNamara is a neocon, big government Republican who specializes in brown-nosing elected Republican officials as they endanger your rights, liberties, sovereignty and wallet. I have worked for many grassroots conservative and libertarian issues and I have never seen this guy sticking up for the Constitution, parental rights, gun rights, U.S. national sovereignty, Texas sovereignty, or fighting taxes.

Vote for Libertarian MARK TIPPETTS for Travis County Judge over Ron Paul-hater and Rick Perry-bootlicker Mike McNamara. You can count on Libertarian MARK TIPPETTS to protect your liberty and property. Vote AGAINST Mike McNamera and vote FOR Libertarian MARK TIPPETTS!

Hays County Co Chair – CLARK REGAN

Hays GOP Precinct # 116 – ROB ROARK

Hays GOP Precinct # 225 – DAVID CROWELL

Hays GOP Precinct # 330 – SEAN BOLOCK

Hays GOP Precinct # 337 – CRAIG YOUNG

Caldwell County Commissioner #4 – GRANT ROSTIG *KEY RACE*

Collin County Commissioner #2 – KARL VOIGTSBERGER

Rick Perry’s Big Government agenda:

It is time to defeat Rick Perry, BIG-government lover, religious oppressor and globalist lackey. Rick Perry is the biggest FRAUD and PHONY in American politics.

Rick Perry’s record:

• Toll Roads and Trans Texas Corridor – Is it socialism, fascism or communism? (2003)
• Business Margins Tax – backdoor state income tax (2006)
• HPV vaccine mandate – Attack on parental rights (2007)
• FLDS El Dorado raid – Religious Oppression, traumatizes 438 children and their parents; out of control Child Protective Services raid based on crank phone call (2008)
• Defeats Steven Wayne Smith – makes robo phone calls against most conservative Supreme Court judge in modern Texas history (2004)
• Vetoes Texas Eminent Domain Bill – taking your land for a toll road more important than signing property rights protection overwhelmingly passed by Legislature. (2007)
• Signs Hate Crimes bill — Attack on free speech and creates thought crimes, includes sexual orientation as a class! (2001)
• Globalist bootlicker – for United Nations, NAFTA, CAFTA, Trans Texas Corridor, Bilderberger toady.
• Governor for NINE years, then reads about the 10th Amendment a few weeks ago. (2009)
• Supports No Child Left Behind Act and Dept. of Education (Hey, is the federal government running your local school in the Constitution? Fine with Rick Perry.)
• Endorsers liberal cross dresser and gun grabber Rudy Guiliani for President (2008) – tells his good friend Mike Huckabee I love you like a brother, but you can’t win so I am going with gun grabber Rudy Julie Annie, he’s a sure thing! The Bilderbergers said I can be VP if I grovel enough and am for toll roads, globalism, open borders, big government and, of course, the Federal Reserve.
• Token opposition to illegal immigration – probably because the illegals will be building all his toll roads! Opposes wall on Mexican border.
• Does not stand up for elected State Board of Education every time it gets castrated by the liberals in the legislature (2000s). Throws crumbs to conservatives on SBOE, but when they really need him, hides under desk, sticks fingers in ears. (2009)
• Instituted state CHIP program!, a widely abused program and one more step to socialized medicine, more taxes and rationed healthcare. (Hey, is CHIP in the 10th Amendment?)
• Supports Sobriety Check Points! Unconstitutional trashing of YOUR 4th Amendment rights where everyone is pulled over with no probable cause and no reasonable suspicion. (Perry supported SB 298 bill) 2009
• Texas Enterprise Fund – basically, Rick Perry’s slush fund for politically connected insiders, another WASTE of your tax dollars. Big Government + Big Business = Fascism.
• Supports whopping $3 Billion Cancer BOND, the Lance Armstrong cancer tax – more taxing, borrowing and spending. (2007).
• Tries to intimidate FEMALE state trooper who pulls him over for speeding while he was lieutenant governor, telling her “Why don’t you just let us get on down the road?” as she was writing him a ticket.
• Tells a Houston tv reporter Ted Oberg “Adios, mofo.” (2005) I’ve got a feeling who the voters are who are going to be saying “Adios” too in 2010 in the GOP primary.

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UPDATE – Solid Proof of Judicial Fraud in the Chrysler-Bankruptcy Dealership Case

UPDATE: February 12th, 2010 — Leo Donofrio and Stephen Pidgeon have filed a notice to appeal the spurious Feb 5th, 2010, decision of Judge Arthur J. Gonzalez which fraudulently bases rejection of reconsideration request on testimony deliberately misrepresented by the defense and then plainly invented by the judge himself in “Footnote 21” of his June 9th, 2009 decision:

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Posted on February 9th, 2010:
I never dreamed I’d experience such conscious pride for being an American, for all the principles enshrined in the U.S. Constitution, for the significance of the form of government, a Republic under Rule of Law, that its Framers ushered into being.  That my profound pride should so fully arrive in my heart and consciousness at the very brink of the fall of this Republic is a very sad statement.  I am therefore as permeated with a profound sadness as I am saturated with pride.

My sadness speaks as much to my disappointment with myself for not having much earlier sailed into the celebratory seas of patriotism as it does to the seething rancor now metastasizing throughout my psyche at the discovery of the monumental heist that has been pulled off incrementally after over a century of subversive plotting.  The vastness of the scope of the plot is becoming clear now at an ever-accelerating rate; the myriad of criminal perpetrators, generations in the making, infecting as they do the entire U.S. governmental structure as well as entities beyond the borders of our nation, constitutes solidly a story for the greatest spy novel ever conceived.  As it is often said, “you just can’t make this stuff up, folks,” and “truth is stranger than fiction.”

Over the last couple of months I have been fielding a barrage of news articles concerning a host of social and political, mostly political, issues.  The flurry in just the last two weeks is stunning.  It’s all I can do just to skim and bookmark, filing a mental note on how essential it is to highlight the one, and then the next, and still the next one, in this blog site.

And then there is a developing story that I had kept filed in the back of my mind, intent upon treating it with what I believed would be a celebratory post, finally, for its outcome.

Yesterday, however, there was news of a development that has resulted in this story’s trumping all the others that I have bookmarked because it strikes to the core of  our Republic.  I have learned that the outcome, rather and once again, serves to highlight the very cancer that has metastasized within the American Judicial System.  Yes, it is that serious.

A grave injustice has been perpetrated upon the American people; one that, if not righteously addressed and justly remedied on appeal, will serve to catalyze the sabotaging of all jurisprudence, the raping of the American people through the naked disregard of constitutional contractual law, and the downfall of this nation into abysmal dictatorial Tyranny.

On January 22, 2010, attorneys Stephen Pidgeon and Leo Donofrio filed a Motion to have the presiding bankruptcy Judge, Arthur J. Gonzalez, reconsider his June 19th, 2009 decision to reject the “old” Chrysler dealerships’ claim for remedy.  The document illustrates clear argument to the effect of pointing out outright misrepresentation by Defendant’s counsel (“Jones Day”) (May 2009), and so serves to fully inform the public of such blatant misrepresentation, first by Defendant counsel of testimony made under cross-examination by Fiat Executive, Alfredo Altavilla, and then by subsequent collusion by the Judge himself in his June 19th, 2009 rejection statement, reflecting his deliberately fraudulent interpretation of Altavilla’s testimony within Footnote 21.

The point on which all this misrepresentation turned:  whether Fiat had ever requested or intended that a restructuring of Chrysler, to effect the contractual disenfranchising of the Chrysler dealerships, occur as a condition of company transfer to Fiat.  Since no testimony ever indicated such, the Judge inserted into Footnote 21 his own assertion that such testimony had been given “in the affirmative,” by completely ignoring one clear unambiguous sentence in Altavilla’s testimony that followed the statement, “The answer is that a restructure needs to occur.”  The clear sentence following that statement and which Judge Gonzalez blatantly ignored is:  “Whether it occurs before or after the closing of the deal is not a material difference.”

On February 5th, 2010, Judge Gonzalez issued a 25-paged “Opinion” in response to the January 22nd, 2010 Motion to Reconsider, maintaining his stance and thereby cementing his corruption.  That document is linked here.

Excerpted from Leo Donofrio’s blog page:

Our lead client, James Anderer has been on Fox Business News about 40 times now and we are hoping to increase public awareness through the media of this fraud.  The Chrysler story is only now truly being understood for the fraud against the American way that it is.  Please stand with us as this battle is sure to intensify.   The disease we are fighting is at the core of the intended destruction of this nation’s natural sovereignty.

Understand that this battle is as important a fight as this nation will ever see.  It will define whether we are going to allow the judicial branch to openly lie to our faces.  If no court will overturn Gonzalez here, it’s the end of truth, justice and the American way forever.  This judicial fraud will become the template for a new tomorrow where your children will have no protection of law.

Please spread this story far and wide.  It is by the spread of truth that we may stand a chance to vanquish the evil running rampant behind the scenes. In this way, spread the contagion for Liberty, spread the thirst for the REPLACEMENT of Neocon Republicans and Marxist/Socialist Democrats in Congress with demonstrated constitutionalist Libertarians.  Please take up that sword, for the welfare of the very planet is at stake.

And further, click the banner to read the historic Articles of Freedom; the Works of the Continental Congress 2009:

January 22, 2010 Pidgeon/Donofrio Motion to Reconsider:

June 19, 2009 Rejection Decision

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Leo Donofrio is joining Stephen Pidgeon to form a law firm, Pidgeon and Donfrio)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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