Globalist Rag Bloomberg’s Psy-Op Against Trump Through Mendacious, Inside-out, Back-Door Approach

imf-hijacking-govts-lrgrBloomberg assisted Christine Lagarde yesterday with covering the IMF and her ass for what the IMF (“International Monetary Fund”) has ACTUALLY been doing to countries around the world. It is the not-so-secret agenda of the IMF to implement the long-standing plan of the Rothschilds and other elite banking families which is to co-opt the countries of the world by hijacking their economies, by rendering countries completely dependent upon, and so subservient to, the global for-profit banking cartel, using the economic ideology of Socialism and Communism merely as their tool, like a stepping-stone, toward a global economic governance by an elite oligarchy dominated by Jewish banksters. It’s part-and-parcel of the Zionist plot to overtake the world, starting with the Middle East, by covert means, by sabotage, subterfuge, and by utilizing their strongman, the U.S. military as their conquering force, in order to make way eventually for the rise of their coveted ‘Greater Israel.’

Lagarde Says Globalization’s Benefits Need to Be Shared by All
September 13, 2016

I felt that parsing out each statement of the above article was necessary to illuminate the conclusion, so here we go:

“World leaders need to better manage the frustration over the failure of globalization to deliver widely shared benefits, IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde said.”

This is actually a psy-op statement meant to lead the “frustrated” unwashed masses into accepting without question the inside-out premise that the solution to their economic ills is a re-distribution of “wealth” through the deliberate de-industrialization of countries such as the United States.

“While the world has enjoyed unprecedented economic progress over the last 70 years, the transformation has caused “dislocation and hardship,” Lagarde said in the text of a speech to be delivered Tuesday in Toronto.

This is a deflection away from the role that the IMF and the BIS (Bank of International Settlements) themselves have had in causing “dislocation and hardship” through their persistently and onerously trapping nation-state economies into debt.

“Growing inequality in wealth, income, and opportunity in many countries has added to a groundswell of discontent, especially in the industrialized world — a growing sense among some citizens that they ‘lack control,’ that the system is somehow against them,” Lagarde said.

Discontent, growing and accelerating, is precisely the reaction which the IMF and BIS are counting on. Lagarde is attempting to paint the IMF as a friend of the common people, when the truth is completely opposite. It is the IMF which has been covertly plotting to wrest political control from the citizens of the countries of the world by way of creating an economic serfdom. It is as a reaction to an acute ‘discontent’ among the common people of the world’s countries that the IMF has all along plotted to bring on their long-nurtured ‘solution’ of a World Government.

“History has shown that closing borders and increasing protectionism isn’t the solution, she said. Instead, countries need to extend the benefits of openness and integration, while alleviating the side effects, Lagarde said. “We need to make globalization work for all.”

Tightening the economic screws of the indebted countries is how the IMF and BIS create an atmosphere of popular acceptance of throwing open international borders while foisting the mendacious mantra that protecting the integrity of a country’s borders and bolstering the scale of actual profit, competition and quality through trade tariffs is detrimental to the global economy. Their end-goal here is to destroy the integrity of nation-states. It is a conspiracy to destroy such as the Republic of the United States, and with it, the Liberties of its sovereign citizens.

“Governments can help by creating a sound basis for growth, and fiscal policy needs to play a bigger role, Lagarde said.

This statement is designed to instill within the unthinking masses that it is only by big government policies, a paternalistic role by the ‘governing class,’ that the citizens of countries may be ‘given’ economic relief. The statement is intended to obfuscate the truth that it is by individual entrepreneurship, by the galvanizing of the creative element of the people at the local level, by the stimulating of the natural propensity for self-empowerment, that a nation’s economy would genuinely escalate.

“Countries should also step up support for lower-skilled workers and strengthen social safety nets, she said. The U.S. could cushion job losses by raising the federal minimum wage and increasing the earned income-tax credit, she said.

The statement actually confirms the Globalists’ motive by the phrase, “cushion job losses.” It is the full and unmitigated intent of the IMF and BIS to DESTABILIZE an industrialized country’s job MARKET by encouraging and cultivating the exporting of higher-skilled jobs into third-world countries. At the same time, the Globalists’ plan includes the degradation of private enterprise in industrialized countries by destabilizing small-to-medium businesses through an untenable hike in a country’s minimum wage, not to mention ridiculously audacious employee withholding taxes. This is not to say that there is not room for an up-step in wages to keep step with a rising inflation, but inflation itself would be greatly mitigated by the stimulating of an increase in the number of small-to-medium businesses in order to expand job creation, particularly through cuts in business taxes.

“She also encouraged countries to redouble their efforts to expand trade. “There is a growing risk of politicians seeking office by promising to ‘get tough’ with foreign trade partners through punitive tariffs or other restrictions on trade,” she said.

fed-resve-zionist-ownedTrade tariffs are intended to stimulate COMPETITION, which is anathema to the Globalists agenda. Without trade tariffs, quality products made in the United States cannot continue to be manufactured for sufficient profit for having to compete with imported products that are allowed to enter the U.S. at a selling price which undermines American businesses. The result is a loss of U.S. business productivity and a deflated job market. But again, that result is precisely the goal of the IMF and BIS, as that result leads governments to accept further loans from the various satellite monsters of the BIS, such as the privately-held, for-profit, non-federal, fraudulently-installed, unconstitutional “Federal Reserve” central banking system. The Season of our Discontent is upon us, courtesy of the International Monetary Fund and the Bank of International Settlements.

“Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump has promised to impose tariffs on imported goods to protect American workers, an approach the IMF has said may actually hurt the U.S. economy.”

And there it is, the kicker. Bloomberg’s article is intended to malign Donald Trump’s declared Trade policy through a mendacious back-door approach, making it appear that up is down, that white is black, that sensible trade policy is irrational.

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