Back in the saddle again

Greetings, fellow info-warriors, Liberty-lovers, and Truth-seekers.

I’ve been threatening (myself) to resurrect the operation of this blog page for several weeks. So much has happened, in both my inner and outer world, during these last six years. On the one hand there is, therefore, much food for thought, much in the way of events to review, and on the other a frantic desire to keep up with current events, going forward. Then there is the inevitable interference of “Routine,” the daily and weekly demands of living; the extra care to ensure for naturally-induced good health, given the exponential impact of AGING; and then there inevitably is Murphy’s incessant big fat toe, so often being shoved into the most unwelcome of places, often with the assistance of miscreants. I certainly hope to be operating this blog page consistently on at least a weekly basis, but please be gentle with me. With the inertia accumulated over the last six years of being away from the rigor, it will take a little bit of time for me to establish a new momentum.

I acknowledge an urgency to do so, however, given that in short order sweeping changes are lurking on the horizon. There is of course the obvious one, the upcoming presumed Presidential “election,” as there have recently been overt threats by Commie Kildebeast to short-circuit the likes of Breitbart if she is installed as “President.” The “alternative” (rapidly becoming “truth-stream”) media is already increasingly in the cross-hairs of the Globalist elite, being subjected to propagandist assault, vilifying, subversion, infiltration, and outright lies. Matt Drudge ( has reported that he was told that, I believe he said the Pentagon, desires to pull the plug on news-aggregator websites such as his under the faux-charge of copyright infringement. Then there is the likelihood of a geo-physical wrench in the cogwheels. Any number of geo-physical disturbances could thwart access to the Internet. Other causes of disruption could come in the form of the presentation of some national emergency as an excuse for the imposing of unprecedented measures of control over access to information. Further, it remains to be seen what the full impact will be from the imminent surrender of the ICANN domain-management function to the United Nations.

All in all, I dare say that time is indeed of the essence, and our beleaguered and precious inherent right to freedom of the press and free speech must be exercised to the fullest, particularly in light of the long-ago death of Independent Journalism. Each must do his/her part. Your research and your appropriation of truth must not result in your merely keeping it to yourself. Light cannot be hidden under a bush. I encourage you, YOU! to share with measurement your light with others.

Now, on to my next offering: The Glaring Truth About the Qur’an — A Reality-Check OVERDUE

Yours truly,

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