Slaughter Solution Could Spell the Demise of the Democratic Party and the Impeachment of Obama

Rep. Louise M. Slaughter, New York Democrat, defends tying the health care bills together. “There’s no way in the world we’d do anything unconstitutional,” she said

What Slaughter, Obama, and Pelosi are resolute in failing to recognize is that the “Slaughter Solution” proposal for circumventing the constitutional process, in order to “deem” the Health Care Reform bill, regardless of any prior procedural precedent that may or may not have been set, represents a wanton indulgence in the appearance of impropriety. That very willingness to engage in even the appearance of impropriety is the earmark of the arrogance which is so characteristic of encroaching Tyranny.

Slaughter is wrong. Nothing could be more unconstitutional than for the American Congress to MIS-represent the American People.

Please click here to see how this action could spell not just the demise of the Democratic Party, but the bringing up of Pelosi, Slaughter, Reid and company on Treason charges and the start of a call for the impeachment of Obama:

From: Impeach the president? —

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