Another Police-State, Totalitarian “Notch” for the Shadow Government – The Power to Assassinate American Citizens Abroad is Seized In Plain View

The individual’s right to freely question and to freely choose dissent is already becoming endangered as it is. 9/11 “Truthers” and “Birthers” are increasingly vilified and painted as “dangerous” by mainstream media and the talking-head puppets of the CIA and Pentagon. Now, with the CIA incrementally showing its hand, the “Shadow Government” has fundamentally asserted a constitutionally-prohibited power, and has done so “in-your-face” to our congressional representatives. This has opened the door for further deconstruction of our Republic by encouraging the construction of a pretext of conscientious, questioning, peace-loving American citizens potentially being regarded as dangerous extremists. Acceleration of the ushering of the Republic of the United States into an eventual Totalitarian Police State proceeds apace. It’s all by design.

It seems to me that the individual States should lever some genuine 10th Amendment constitutional power over this egregious violation by the rogue Shadow Government of the civil rights of Sovereign Citizens!


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