UPDATE – Solid Proof of Judicial Fraud in the Chrysler-Bankruptcy Dealership Case

UPDATE: February 12th, 2010 — Leo Donofrio and Stephen Pidgeon have filed a notice to appeal the spurious Feb 5th, 2010, decision of Judge Arthur J. Gonzalez which fraudulently bases rejection of reconsideration request on testimony deliberately misrepresented by the defense and then plainly invented by the judge himself in “Footnote 21” of his June 9th, 2009 decision:

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Posted on February 9th, 2010:
I never dreamed I’d experience such conscious pride for being an American, for all the principles enshrined in the U.S. Constitution, for the significance of the form of government, a Republic under Rule of Law, that its Framers ushered into being.  That my profound pride should so fully arrive in my heart and consciousness at the very brink of the fall of this Republic is a very sad statement.  I am therefore as permeated with a profound sadness as I am saturated with pride.

My sadness speaks as much to my disappointment with myself for not having much earlier sailed into the celebratory seas of patriotism as it does to the seething rancor now metastasizing throughout my psyche at the discovery of the monumental heist that has been pulled off incrementally after over a century of subversive plotting.  The vastness of the scope of the plot is becoming clear now at an ever-accelerating rate; the myriad of criminal perpetrators, generations in the making, infecting as they do the entire U.S. governmental structure as well as entities beyond the borders of our nation, constitutes solidly a story for the greatest spy novel ever conceived.  As it is often said, “you just can’t make this stuff up, folks,” and “truth is stranger than fiction.”

Over the last couple of months I have been fielding a barrage of news articles concerning a host of social and political, mostly political, issues.  The flurry in just the last two weeks is stunning.  It’s all I can do just to skim and bookmark, filing a mental note on how essential it is to highlight the one, and then the next, and still the next one, in this blog site.

And then there is a developing story that I had kept filed in the back of my mind, intent upon treating it with what I believed would be a celebratory post, finally, for its outcome.

Yesterday, however, there was news of a development that has resulted in this story’s trumping all the others that I have bookmarked because it strikes to the core of  our Republic.  I have learned that the outcome, rather and once again, serves to highlight the very cancer that has metastasized within the American Judicial System.  Yes, it is that serious.

A grave injustice has been perpetrated upon the American people; one that, if not righteously addressed and justly remedied on appeal, will serve to catalyze the sabotaging of all jurisprudence, the raping of the American people through the naked disregard of constitutional contractual law, and the downfall of this nation into abysmal dictatorial Tyranny.

On January 22, 2010, attorneys Stephen Pidgeon and Leo Donofrio filed a Motion to have the presiding bankruptcy Judge, Arthur J. Gonzalez, reconsider his June 19th, 2009 decision to reject the “old” Chrysler dealerships’ claim for remedy.  The document illustrates clear argument to the effect of pointing out outright misrepresentation by Defendant’s counsel (“Jones Day”) (May 2009), and so serves to fully inform the public of such blatant misrepresentation, first by Defendant counsel of testimony made under cross-examination by Fiat Executive, Alfredo Altavilla, and then by subsequent collusion by the Judge himself in his June 19th, 2009 rejection statement, reflecting his deliberately fraudulent interpretation of Altavilla’s testimony within Footnote 21.

The point on which all this misrepresentation turned:  whether Fiat had ever requested or intended that a restructuring of Chrysler, to effect the contractual disenfranchising of the Chrysler dealerships, occur as a condition of company transfer to Fiat.  Since no testimony ever indicated such, the Judge inserted into Footnote 21 his own assertion that such testimony had been given “in the affirmative,” by completely ignoring one clear unambiguous sentence in Altavilla’s testimony that followed the statement, “The answer is that a restructure needs to occur.”  The clear sentence following that statement and which Judge Gonzalez blatantly ignored is:  “Whether it occurs before or after the closing of the deal is not a material difference.”

On February 5th, 2010, Judge Gonzalez issued a 25-paged “Opinion” in response to the January 22nd, 2010 Motion to Reconsider, maintaining his stance and thereby cementing his corruption.  That document is linked here.

Excerpted from Leo Donofrio’s blog page:

Our lead client, James Anderer has been on Fox Business News about 40 times now and we are hoping to increase public awareness through the media of this fraud.  The Chrysler story is only now truly being understood for the fraud against the American way that it is.  Please stand with us as this battle is sure to intensify.   The disease we are fighting is at the core of the intended destruction of this nation’s natural sovereignty.

Understand that this battle is as important a fight as this nation will ever see.  It will define whether we are going to allow the judicial branch to openly lie to our faces.  If no court will overturn Gonzalez here, it’s the end of truth, justice and the American way forever.  This judicial fraud will become the template for a new tomorrow where your children will have no protection of law.

Please spread this story far and wide.  It is by the spread of truth that we may stand a chance to vanquish the evil running rampant behind the scenes. In this way, spread the contagion for Liberty, spread the thirst for the REPLACEMENT of Neocon Republicans and Marxist/Socialist Democrats in Congress with demonstrated constitutionalist Libertarians.  Please take up that sword, for the welfare of the very planet is at stake.

And further, click the banner to read the historic Articles of Freedom; the Works of the Continental Congress 2009:

January 22, 2010 Pidgeon/Donofrio Motion to Reconsider:

June 19, 2009 Rejection Decision

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(Leo Donofrio is joining Stephen Pidgeon to form a law firm, Pidgeon and Donfrio)

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