Single Payer Universal Health Care is Tyranny-in-Sheep’s-Clothing

The People have a fundamental RIGHT to exercise free choice in all matters concerning health care, even to choosing whether to regard it as a COMMODITY, as an item to purchase.   This is as it should be in the FREE MARKET, the dynamic of which does work to keep costs down.

If healthcare insurance is sought out, the same premise stands.  If an employer provides contributions to healthcare insurance premiums, still, the same premise stands. Healthcare insurance, also a commodity, is to be purchased, even if jointly.

The real problem is not that all Californians do not “have” healthcare insurance, whether purchased singly, or jointly with employers, but rather that healthcare COSTS are outrageously exorbitant.  This real problem exists in spite of Free Market dynamics, and here’s why:

The so-called solution again proposed in California, this time by Democratic Senator Mark Leno’s SB 810, which has already passed the Senate and has gone to the Assembly, does not address the endemic financial fraud within the entire healthcare delivery system.   Rather, the bill ultimately would spread the current and future exorbitant aggregate healthcare costs, illegitimately-inflated by insurance industry-collusion, to all Californians by instituting a “single payer universal health care” system, thereby institutionalizing, sanctioning, and legitimizing FRAUD!

It is the very medical insurance-banking industry itself, even nationwide, that is conspiring to subjugate the individual to the will of the state through the implementation of single-payer Universal Health Care in order to subvert the Free Market process and acquire a true monopoly on COSTS!  They would have us believe, however, that they are the faction who stand to lose by the implementation of a single payer Universal Health Care system.

Bill Carlsen, “Health Care for All”, regards SB 810 as a fiscally responsible path to secure single-payer universal healthcare, saying that to not provide healthcare to all Californians is “barbaric” and “morally irresponsible.”   He further says,

“It’s disconcerting, I can’t understand the opposition to reform, unless it’s from the insurance companies who are the only ones who will lose. … It’s more expensive for taxpayers to pay for the uninsured going to emergency rooms, instead of getting preventative care first. Treating at the tail end costs more, as disease progresses untreated it becomes more costly, then the cost trickles down to us.”

This is a prime example, whether unwitting or not, of the spread of socialist disinformation.   First of all, those Californians against single-payer Universal Health Care, whether in California or throughout the nation, are predominantly not against reform, if by “reform” one means the rooting out of fraud in order to preserve genuine Free-Market cost-competitive dynamics!

Next, the disinformation is premised upon the fallacy that healthcare is a constitutional *right.*  It is not!   It is a procurable SERVICE, a “good.”   In this TRUTH, there is nothing to legislate in this matter as concerns the whole of California citizens, or even the whole of those of the nation.   Rather, a *criminal* investigation should instead be undertaken to root out true financial fraud in the entire medical/healthcare delivery system throughout the nation!   Anyone having first-hand experience with just Urgent Care/ER visitation alone and who learns of the outrageous charges is aware of the blatant RACKET.   Those with healthcare insurance find it irresistible to pretend to not notice the festering fraud, even as the question of the deliberately-shielded costs needles at the subconscious.   And health insurance companies know it.

Furthermore, the percentage of individuals unable to personally afford either healthcare insurance or direct health care service itself would be on the downswing as increasing numbers of people would afford it due to the combination of cost-competition and prevalence of the insured.  The downturn in the U.S. economy and the rise in unemployment is also due to massive fraud perpetrated upon the American people, by the banking industry and by globalist subversives who have plotted the destruction of the U.S. manufacturing industry (read NAFTA).  It is not due to purported failings of the true Free Market dynamic!

The solution is NOT to abandon the true Free Market.   The solution is NOT to legitimize the healthcare racket by spreading its fraudulent costs to all the populace, disguising the insurance industry’s ruse by asserting some period of seeming cost-reduction as bait to the people.

Neither the U.S. Constitution nor the California State Constitution stands for the freedom to foist FRAUD upon the People, much less to have that fraud INSTITUTIONALIZED by law, which would be the true barbaric and morally irresponsible act.   The U.S. Constitution, as should the California State Constitution, places LIMITS on Government for precisely the purpose of PREVENTING the institutionalizing of fraud.  Moreover, neither does the U.S. Constitution allow for Government to require any Sovereign Citizen to purchase anything.  Mandating citizen participation in a healthcare insurance system is unconstitutional on its face.

The People of California and even of all the nation should, no, MUST, wake up to Tyranny-in-sheep’s-clothing.  The Socialist Agenda is the enemy of TRUE FREEDOM, the enemy of natural liberties, many of which are enumerated within the U.S. Constitution, which is the arch-enemy of Socialists!  The Socialist Agenda is NOT YOUR FRIEND.

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