Come all ye disgruntled voters to the Libertarian Party to restore the Republic!

It has become apparent that, in the clamor for expediency to increase the chances that the MA Senate seat go to a non-Democratic candidate who therefore would favor dumping Big Gov tax and spend policies, Republican Scott Brown’s glistening personal appeal is being exploited to eclipse his own 11-year legislative record of favoring Big Gov tax and spend policies. He even promoted RomneyCare, which would require everyone to either buy medical insurance or pay a mandatory penalty tax, which is a key part of the Nancy Pelosi-Harry Reid-Barack Obama Health Care Reform Bill.

The MA election has turned out to be the perfect lab case scenario. The political scientist observes indisputable evidence of the “false left-right paradigm.” He/She notes the knee-jerk response of the well-trained but uninformed voters to bank on the particular candidate of whichever of the two parties that they are made to believe will now subvert the overwhelmingly unpopular policy/bill du jour, only to end up asking, after a campaign platform is ignominiously dishonored, “Why doesn’t anything ever change in Washington?”

Now that same political scientist is observing a critical convergence of circumstances. The MA seat has turned out to be pivotal in determining whether Washington lobbyists will get their way with socialist Healthcare “Reform,” even in the face of tanked public support. Now, voters in large numbers have awakened to the cruel truth that Republicans and Democrats have, by design, always been two sides of the same corporate lock-step coin. Voters of all partisan stripes are grieving the outrageous insult of having been sold a load of crap by candidate Obama. Voters are hugely indignant to learn that the Income Tax revenue goes entirely to pay the Federal Reserve in the futile effort to cover the interest (national debt) owed to it for its loans of fiat money to the United States Treasury. Voters are in the throes of personally experiencing the egregious repurcussions of Washington’s and Wall Street’s criminal shenanigans. Voters are aghast at the audacity, complexity, and 20-year history of the Global Warming hoax. Voters are outraged with a Federal Government that is hell-bent on perpetuating military incursions, on literally making war, rather than turning its attention full-throttle to solving the criminal murder of our nation’s economy. Voters in increasing numbers are convinced that the Federal Government overall is actually not on their side. Voters are fed up with the fact that there is a fundamental, gaping and systemic disconnect between the people and the people’s government.

And now, the voters in increasing numbers are learning why all that is so. At every turn, they are discovering that Reality is not what the Federal Government has told them it is. The Federal Government is losing its cult-members.

Through the Federal Reserve, international bankers have incrementally pillaged our country, as the Federal Reserve Central Bank is not federal at all but rather the privately-owned, illegitimate instrument of international bankers that was brought into being by the globalist conspiracy to take down America.

Through Trojan-Horse foundations, Marxist/Socialist subversives have co-opted the pitch of the schoolhouse rallying knell away from Sovereign individuality as propounded by the meaning of the words of the U.S. Constitution, to sound instead the Collectivist paradigm with the intent to ‘dis-inform’ the young. Phase two has been to the more easily incrementally commandeer the well-intentioned through contrived environmental initiatives. Phase three has been to clandestinely manipulate the progressively dumbed-down generations into regarding the U.S. Constitution as an outworn, inapplicable instrument of retardation, and to insidiously advance Socialist dynamics under the guise of Democracy as the no-brainer solution to all our ills.

Through complicit government officials, policies have been engaged that are designed to accomplish the opposite of their touted purpose. Among many, one humungous example is the Patriot Act, and a close second, NAFTA.

The political scientist is witnessing an unprecedented development. The people of the entire political spectrum are awakening from the long-nurtured, deviously-calculated matrix that had been intended to cloud clear, independent thinking long enough for the Pied Piper, the closer of Marxist globalists, to take down America, to subvert the Natural Liberties of Sovereign Citizens as enumerated within the U.S. Constitution, and render this nation an available, a perhaps de-facto, participant in a socialist, even totalitarian World Government.

The political scientist is observing the congealing of a growing swathe of voters who are conscientious objectors; who are, in increasing numbers and by the Grace of God, defiantly refusing to be led as lambs to the slaughter. Voters have become disaffected from partisan loyalty. The ranks of voters considering themselves “Independent” have surged, many actually defecting completely from both parties. At the same time, many voters even in all their outrage are sinking into a state of discouragement, believing that their vote cannot or will not really make a difference. Voters crave a genuine, liberty-loving leader, not a fabrication of the globalist puppeteers.

The Massachusetts senatorial race represents a microcosm of the phenomenon that is developing nationwide. It is also the first full-on example of the convergence of these unprecedented circumstances in our time.

The political scientist reasons that, absent such a leader, the disgruntled voter will stay away from the polls at election time. And with regard to a certain portion of uninformed voters, he/she be correct.

However, the political scientist would need to update his/her criteria to include a factor not traditionally taken into account: The Internet.

With the MA election now only a few days away, it may be nevertheless too late for the disgruntled voter to so quickly become informed of the real choices, and of what makes those choices real. But that’s okay. The informing of the disgruntled voters has begun, and it will only accelerate exponentially.

Here’s what the disgruntled, uninformed voter is aching to hear:

The U.S. Constitution stands, and does so on its own merit. Nevertheless, it is the People upon whom the U.S. Constitution relies to survive all assaults.

Every U.S. Citizen is a Sovereign Citizen. Your very life constitutes your right of existence conferred upon you by your Creator, while your body is your primal property. Your rights to free speech; free expression; free press; freedom of association and assembly; freedom of religion; freedom of movement and travel; privacy; the petitioning of the government for redress of grievances, to include the receiving of such redress; habeas corpus; freedom from illegal search and seizure; freedom to own and bear arms; freedom to own property; freedom from military policing (posse comitatus); representative taxation of Capital Gains apportioned to the several states; and many more, are not granted to you by the U.S. Constitution. These basic rights are your LIBERTIES conferred upon you by your Creator because you are ALIVE. The U.S. Constitution is the ‘nation-founding’ document that lists (enumerates) them.

Does the U.S. Constitution list ALL of them? Most likely not; it’s not perfect, but it’s a helluva start.

The U.S. Constitution is the people’s Constitution, created by the People as the blueprint FOR the united STATES of the People, not OF the United States as a corporate entity. As such, the U.S. Constitution places limits on the Federal Government, rendering the Federal Government the servant of the Sovereign Citizens while reserving to the People or to the several states all “powers” not specifically delegated to the servant Federal Government.

After President Andrew Jackson’s successful rescue of the United States from the clutches of the international bankers by his prohibiting the creation of a Central Bank in 1832, the Federal Government nevertheless was subsequently shanghaied by international bankers in 1913 when they commandeered the Congressional process to get the “Federal Reserve” Central Bank brought into being. They then proceeded by regulation, not through the Congressional process, to impose a “voluntary” tax on wages and earnings. The history of political evolution since then has predominantly been of the Federal Government’s mounting usurpations of “powers” from the people that are not specifically delegated to it by the people’s Constitution. Political parties are IRRELEVANT with respect to this truth.

The U.S. Constitution safeguards INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY, not tyranny. Its entire premise is the warding off of all forms of tyranny. The U.S. Constitution, therefore, is the arch-enemy of Collectivism, otherwise known as Socialism, Communism, and Marxism. The U.S. Constitution is no match for these, however, without the People’s constant and direct VIGILANCE.

The U.S. Constitution articulates the basic right of the People to peacefully ensure that a wayward and unresponsive Federal Government correct its usurpations: the withholding from the Federal Government of all financing coming directly from the People. The U.S. Constitution further guarantees the right of the People to discard, to “throw off,” a Federal Government that is not responsive and answerable to, and serving the People, and to re-establish the originally-intended REPUBLIC, the People’s Representive government.

Whether or not it’s too late for this truth to inform the Massachusetts contingent of disgruntled voters in time for next Tuesday’s election, let the truth nevertheless be declared far and wide:

Committed LIBERTARIANS are sounding the Socialist New World Order death knell, and are being joined increasingly by Democrats and Republicans alike who have sincerely (not merely in Libertarian clothing) emerged from the matrix to see the false left-right paradigm.

These Democrats and Republicans have honestly moved to an ‘independent’ stance, and have come to appreciate the freedom-loving platform of the Libertarian Party. Many if not most of these newborn might even switch to the Libertarian Party as a result of their emergence.

However, it is imperative that all concerned understand fully a particular danger. It’s high time that it be broadcast in no uncertain terms:

The Constitution Party consists of THEOCRATS in Independent Party (or “American Independent Party”) clothing, who, while touting adherence to the U.S. Constitution through one corner of the mouth, are dishonoring it through the other by promoting the same mindset of government-regulated morality as that promoted by most Republicans. This is but another form of Socialist engineering, with the potential to evolve into TYRANNY.

LIBERTARIANS founded the “Tea Party” Movement! Apart from those that are sincerely independent-minded, the unscrupulous of Republicans are attempting to ride its coat-tails merely to resuscitate the Republican Party, while FAKE Republicans are those whose covert agenda is to perpetuate the status quo in Washington D.C. and who will stoop to pretense to appeal to ‘independent’ voters.

Let the next nine months in advance of the midterm elections resound with the rallying cry: Come all ye disgruntled voters to the LIBERTARIAN Party to restore our Republic to Constitutional LIBERTY! Let us identify the Libertarian Party candidates in our respective localities and inform our neighbors, friends and families of that genuine call to Liberty for which our Founding Fathers so valiantly fought.

— Opey606Read the "Articles of Freedom" by the Continental Congress 2009







~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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— Left vs. Right vs. You

From the brochure produced by

Politicians on the left and the right believe government should control large parts of your life. Those on the left seek to control your economic life, while those on the right seek to control your personal life — all in the name of the “Greater Good.”

But in a free society, government’s proper role is to keep us secure from the threat of assault, theft, civil injustice, and foreign attack. So, as long as your actions are peaceful, you should have the freedom — the right — to live your life without government interference.

Like most Americans, the Libertarian Party is not bound by the labels of “left” or “right” — “liberal” or “conservative.” We respect you as a unique individual and we’re building a party in the sensible center to put more freedom of choice and responsibility into your hands.

— In a Free Country, Who Decides?

Should you be free to make important decisions about your life, your family, your money, and your business — or should politicians decide for you? On every issue we ask: In a free country, who decides?

If you believe, as we do, that you should be free to make the choices that impact your life, please support our efforts to move public policy in the direction of liberty.

To learn more about the Libertarian Party, visit us onilne at

Where Do Libertarians Fit in Left vs. Right Politics?

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