Over a momentous 10-day period in November 2009, a group of second-miler Patriots, with the assistance and protection of Divine Providence, did convene in St. Charles, Illinois, witnessed via webcast by the American public, courageously to give of their Spirit, mind and strength against great odds, not the least of which was the inescapable shortcomings and imperfections of the human condition itself as that inevitably falls short of man’s worthy highest ideals, for the purpose of communally acquiring a fundamental comprehension of the wayward state of our nation’s federal government as that contrasts with the limiting structure mandated by America’s Constitution as so wisely advanced by the Founding Fathers.

In light of a well-established record of twenty years of repeated and consistently rejected petitions to the United States Federal Government for redress of legitimate grievances, it did evolve that it was the unanimous will of the attending Body to generate a statement of Constitutional Standing by the People on behalf of the People of America that unambiguously delineates the many violations of America’s Constitution by the Federal Government; declares the consequent injuries suffered by the People; instructs to federal and state levels on necessary remediation to effect the restoration of our servant government as a Republic which is bound unwaveringly by the Constitution for the united States of America; and suggests to the Sovereign People of the Land just and honorable, actionable recourse to rightfully demand of their servant government adherence to the Constitutional Rule of Law.

It is with profound gratitude to and esteem for these second-miler Patriots that I post on my blog site (scroll down to the Scribd embedded document) the resulting “Articles of Freedom – The Works of the Continental Congress 2009” published today, December 21st, 2009, at:

At that website, you are invited to enter your “signature” among the growing number of Citizens making the following pledge:

“In full view of The Creator as my witness, I hereby pledge my signature, and vow to join with a goodly number of millions of Americans to hold our elected and appointed officials accountable for all of their violations, with a firm reminder that each one has sworn an Oath (or Affirmation), to Preserve, Protect and Defend the Constitution for the United States of America. In seeking to hold them accountable, I shall hold myself accountable to do the same.

We, the undersigned, renounce and condemn any and all INITIATION of violent force and will pursue all lawful and Constitutional means to fulfill our duty.

I place my name here and shall participate as an Eternal Record of the Will of the People to be Free.”

If you are so moved, after reading the Articles of Freedom, you are encouraged to share this historic document with your fellow citizens, friends and family, to finally enlighten the citizenry of what We The People may rightfully demand of our servant government, and of the truth of the legitimate rights, responsibilities, and privileges of the People as reserved to the People by the People as reflected within the American Constitution.

Your participation at this unprecedented, elevated crossroads in our nation’s history is crucial if all American Sovereign Citizens are to preserve our Land of the Free, are to preserve our Republic for which our enduring flag stands, and are to preserve the home of those brave sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers, husbands and wives, who have embraced the pride of military service and chosen harm’s way. For them, for your loved ones, and for your fellow man, you are encouraged to step up to the plate here at Home, and with one voice declare and affirm that you will not relinquish the People’s sovereign prerogative of exercising our God-given Liberties and divinely immutable Rights, the greater of these as enumerated within the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Again, if you are so moved, the cost for the webcast of the Continental Congress 2009 has still not been completely met. Your donation will be greatly appreciated.

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Posted on November 11th, 2009

Be it Declared:

On This Day Forward, from November 11th to November 21st, 2009, the Time has arrived for a Free People, after careful, open and deliberate consideration of all Facts pertaining to the intransigence of the United States Federal Government to at all points hold faithful the Constitution for the united States of America and to give faithful redress to all petitions of grievances duly, diligently and lawfully rendered unto it over ample and reasonable time by the Sovereign Citizens of the States of the Constitutional Republic as represented by Delegates from each participating State to the Continental Congress of 2009 held in St. Charles, Illinois, to determine such course or courses of action as constituting responsible engagement of unalienable Right as conferred by the Creator upon each Sovereign individual in a Free Society and which therefore is in consonance with Reason harbored by intelligent, moral and Righteous men and women, that will effect that Resolution of such grievances as will result in the full and irrevocable safety, security, and tranquility of a nation of Sovereign individuals in the most expeditious manner. — Opey606


November 11th to November 21st, 2009 — AGENDA (pdf)

Live Stream:

To Defend, NOT Amend, the Constitution for the united States:

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