Impeach Governor Schwarzenegger

IMPEACH Governor Schwarzenegger

I urge you to call and ask your State Legislator to initiate impeachment proceedings against Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

There is also a petition drive:

I care deeply for the rule of law as enshrined within the U.S. Constitution and reflected in the California State Constitution, and I hope you will support the effort to protect and defend our God-given rights as these are enumerated within these documents.

1) Arnold’s circumventing the State Legislature’s unwillingness to legislate to prohibit free-choice and subvert the free market by outlawing T.V.s over 40 inches in diameter is likely unconstitutional, or should be.   Regardless, the action confirms his actual disposition which is to exert an autocratic, authoritarian, dictatorial command of California. To remain silent on this truth is to acquiesce to tyranny, which is precisely the reaction that New World Order Globalists hope for.

2) Arnold has ignored the honest science, highlighted now by the leak of emails and documents from the CRU of the Univ of E. Anglia, science that indicates that the globe is on a cooling trend, that CO2 is not now, has never been, nor ever will be a “pollutant,” and that carbon dioxide levels trail temperature levels by approximately 800 years. The notion of man-made Climate Change is NOT a settled conclusion. Those now involved in the desperate perpetuation of this humongous hoax of man-made global warming are revealing themselves as complicit in deliberately defrauding the world, the purpose of which is to to erect the structural framework for a “global governance,” an economic world government that will subvert the U.S. Constitution. It is clear that Arnold is a willing participant in this treasonous subversion.

3) In his “State of the State” address on Thursday, January 15th, 2009, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger stated:

“I know that we know that any American child now also, no matter what corner of the world his father or mother comes from, can even become president of the United States. What a wonderful national story for us.”

This is another example of how the uninformed, sheople public is being deceived, led into the pit of abysmal ignorance of how such a development is unequivocally UNCONSTITUTIONAL.  That the Governor of the state of California would engage in this subterfuge, defrauding the citizens of this state out of the truth, is unconscionable.

A “natural-born citizen” of the United States refers to a person born on U.S. soil to a father over whom the United States already has an established jurisdiction; i.e., a child born to a father who was himself a citizen of the United States at the time of the child’s birth. A person who had been born under a double allegiance (as Barack Obama II admits he was) cannot be said to be a natural-born citizen of the United States, even if he/she had indeed acquired native-born citizenship status by having been born on U.S. soil. A child born to an American mother and an alien father could be said to be a citizen of the United States by otherwise some affirmative act of law, but never is such a child entitled to the concurrent and specialized status of “natural-born” citizenship because through laws of nature the child inherits the citizenship and allegiance condition of his/her father.*

Schwarzenegger’s blatant effort to surreptitiously mislead and misinform the citizenry is civilly unforgivable.  He demonstrated that he is complicit in the larger conspiracy to perpetrate this unprecedented FRAUD upon the American public and to thereby trample the U.S. Constitution. The inauguration of an illegitimate President has formally ushered into existence a coup against our Constitutional Republic.  As a result, the fate of the union of American states is now genuinely in jeopardy.

*Source: Defining Natural-born citizen; the Federalist Blog

4) Arnold actually SUSPENDED for a 50-day period this year (from October 10th to November 30th) an active 2005 law that protects pregnant women and children under three years of age from being injected with vaccine containing “toxic levels” of Thimerosal, an oil-in-water based “adjuvant” consisting of the poison, Mercury, that vaccine manufacturers have included in most H1N1 vaccine batches. Aside from the fact that studies have shown that there is no safe level of mercury to begin with (beyond the trace amounts in seafood), that a law existing to protect from Mercury levels over a particular point would be REMOVED for any length of time just to provide legal clearance for Pharmaceutical companies to expose the populace to toxic Mercury through vaccines is utterly CRIMINAL!

Arnold should be impeached or recalled at the very least because he has demonstrated by deed and expression his callous disregard for the welfare of the citizenry and his treasonous commitment to violate the Constitution of the United States.

Add your reasons below!

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2 Responses to Impeach Governor Schwarzenegger

  1. GrandmaKat says:

    Why are Arnold AND OBAMA allowed to continue to hold office in this country when neither legally are able to ???….!!!….After Memphis attorneys clean up California they should clean up the White House too….IMPEACH NOW !!!


    • opey606 says:

      Just to be clear, Kat, the U.S. Constitution prescribes the specialized category of “Natural born” citizenship as one of the two fundamental qualifications to serve as President and Vice-president for the united States of America. The U.S. Constitution does not likewise limit the office of Governor of any of the states to the same fundamental requirement. That’s not to say, of course, that the citizenship status of a state Governor can be other than a U.S. citizen, just that the U.S. Constitution does not and, in fact, should not, make such prescriptions on behalf of the States.

      As for the states, I would expect that state constitutions across the board make some mention of U.S. citizenship as a requirement to hold the office of Governor. As I don’t know what each of the 50 constitutions actually says on the matter, my presumption would be that any mention of U.S. citizenship as a requirement to hold the Governorship does not go as far as to prescribe that such citizenship also fall under the specialized category of U.S. citizenship called, “Natural born.”

      Presumably, as I have not personally checked up on it, Arnold was “naturalized” as a U.S. citizen at some point before becoming Governor of California. (not the most reliable source of information) indicates that Arnold holds Austrian citizenship by birth and has held U.S. citizenship since becoming naturalized in 1983. That would make him a U.S. citizen (holding “dual citizenship”), irrespective of the place of his birth abroad, and therefore eligible to hold public office at any level *except* at the level of President and Vice-president. Had Arnold been born within the U.S., his U.S. citizenship would have been regarded as falling under the category of “native-born” by virtue of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, again rendering him eligible to hold public office at any level *except* at the level of President and Vice-president because his father and mother were not U.S. citizens at the time of his birth.

      Hopefully, the office of the California Secretary of State holds in its possession fully corroborated, legal documentation that in no uncertain terms confirms the Wikipedia claim of his having become ‘naturalized’ as a U.S. citizen in 1983. If such federal naturalization never took place, if Arnold did not undergo the formal “naturalization” process at any time to become a U.S. citizen, then yes, Arnold would not be holding the office of Governor legally.


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