Obama Released Settlement Funds Over Chinese Lien On U.S. Treasury – UPDATE 12/25/09

12/25/09: Christopher Story reports that G.H.W. Bush (alias for George H. Scherf(f), Jr.), with Leon Panetta’s willing assistance, continues to conspire with C.I.A. Intelligence to defraud the United States, and ultimately the world, by orchestrating the replacement of the dollar with a new fiat currency in order to attempt to salvage the total secret Intelligence ‘Shadow Government’ in league with the military-industrial complex and its Black-Ops secret projects. Their plot, alleges Christopher Story, requires the complete and total economic collapse of the United States, which had always been their intent but by their own timing, incrementally, and in association with circumstances that were to have developed from a successful Copenhagen Climate Treaty but that now no longer exist. As Christopher Story puts it, “… having failed to consolidate the intended globally-sanctified, deceptive Climate Change cover for their next round of Fraudulent Finance, [they] are nevertheless still criminally intent upon developing a substitute fiat money derivatives trading system.”

According to Christopher Story, the multiple events of the past several weeks have combined to induce their impromptu devising of an altered strategy: enticing the Lien-holding Chinese to cooperate with a delay in the release to them of Settlement funds while, as if by sheer force of arrogant will, the C.I.A. implements among criminal financial institutions a new round of massive CD trading ($50 million) “based on derivatives based in turn on Collateralised Debt Obligations (CDOs) that are based on nothing because it is impossible to tell to whom such a fake ‘asset’ belongs.”

Since at the present time the U.S. Treasury has technically been bereft of assets since December 3rd, 2009, it is probable that there is a flurry of this fraudulent trading taking place behind the scenes, even during a Christmas shut-down of U.S. departments since December 21st. It remains to be seen the extent to which this fraudulent activity prolongs the status quo into January while the ‘front’ circumstances are created to effect the devaluation of the dollar to depths unknown and the presentation of its replacement fiat currency.

Below is a visual of Christopher Story’s 12/25/09 post. A list of his posts at his website is here. I encourage your reading through at least his November/December installments to comprehend the context.


George H. W. Bush (alias for George H. Scherf, Jr.) continues to sabotage the disbursement of the $47 TRILLION Settlement funds to China (a portion of which also will reimburse the British Monarchy).

Today’s update from Christopher Story, Editor of “World Reports” Global Analysis (U.K.), alleges a mounting international crisis due to the unmitigated arrogance of just one man. This man has for decades been in collusion with certain other individuals to surreptitiously orchestrate this nation’s entry into the “New World Order”, the intended World Government totalitarian regime.

His assumed name: George Herbert Walker Bush, Sr.

Christopher Story informs us that Leon Panetta, current CIA Director, and Rahm Emmanuel, current White House Chief of Staff, had both, at different times, “run the trading programs” for G.H.W. Bush. Loyalty to Bush is now reigning with Panetta, who, as Emmanuel had earlier attempted, is now obstructing the disbursement of Settlement funds despite Obama’s having already signed off on the order one week ago.

The fact that Bush has had a nearly lifetime, shall we say, association, with the CIA since even the days of its antecedent, the OSS, is now being leveraged as a point of force by Bush to obstruct disbursement, and for a reason. According to Christopher Story, there is a line item in the Settlement documents that prescribes the final implementation of a plan, referred to as the “Dollar Refunding Program,” previously agreed upon by the G20 as the best recourse to ameliorate the credit crisis, that would bring financial transactions into conformity with what is known as the “Basel” rules. The Basel II Accords establish a capital floor underneath which regulators wouldn’t allow banks to go. Taxable trading in conformity with the new international rules will result in the necessary transparency of both source and use funds, a development that would challenge the black-ops fraudulent financing long nurtured by the CIA.

Below is a visual of Christopher Story’s 12/17/09 post. A list of his posts at his website is here. I encourage your reading through at least his November and December installments to comprehend the current context.

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Christopher Story, Editor of “World Reports” Global Analysis (U.K.) has published an update on this ongoing alleged crisis: “Geithner read his rights and tagged“. According to Christopher Story, Chinese parties and the British Monarchical Power have had to enforce the World Court’s Writ of Execution for their Lien(s) on the U.S. Treasury and the Federal Reserve System, as Treasury Secretary Geithner and former Treasury Secretary Paulson allegedly continued to engage in stall tactics over the last few days, preventing the release of Settlement funds which Obama and other necessary signatories had already signed off on last week. Christopher Story claims that MI-6 (Britain’s Intelligence) forcibly removed Paulson from the U.S. and took him to Bermuda where he is being held under British law within British jurisdiction. Geithner has allegedly been arrested, his passport and driver’s license have been confiscated, and has been forced to wear monitoring equipment at all times. This is all possible because, alleges Christopher Story, behind the scenes the entire United States is currently “owned” by China and Great Britain.

Below is a visual of his 12/16/09 post. A list of his posts at his website is here. I encourage your reading through at least his November/December installments to comprehend the context.

– – – – – – – –

Christopher Story, Editor of “World Reports” Global Analysis (U.K.) has published a post on his website updating this monumental story, and providing disclosures and revelations that left me profoundly stunned. It would appear that we are all on the verge of a genuine catharsis, after all is said and done.

I’ll add further commentary here later. The time for full disclosure is nigh.

Below is a visual of his 12/14/09 post. A list of his posts at his website is here. I encourage reading through at least his November/December installments.

– – – – – – – –
Originally posted December 8, 2009:
According to Christopher Story, Editor of “World Reports” Global Analysis  (U.K.), one year after “winning” the General Election and in response to dramatic and unprecedented world political intrigue , Obama signed “Release” documents on Settlement funds over China’s Lien on assets at the U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve Bank on Thursday night (December 3rd) with which he was presented by high-ranking Chinese officials who were accompanied by an entourage of World Court officials, InterPol officers, and others, all of whom descended upon Washington D.C. without media fanfare last week to support China with its ultimatum, which, according to Christopher Story, occurred after a previous deadline of Veterans’ Day passed unheeded due to the obstructionism by, at minimum, G.H.W. Bush, the Clintons, and Rahm Emmanuel.  The link to the source of this story is at the bottom of this post.

Obama averted global chaos by signing.  However, there is now an even greater probability that the value of the dollar may tank within the next 30 to 45 days.  Bob Chapman has further insightful information on the likelihood that this massive hyperinflation is imminent:


An important read to acquire the perspective which the CIA and Corporate controlled mainstream media would rather you did not acquire:

“Recent World Events Indicate Impending Market Chaos”   (December 1st:)


The first of the two links below is direct to the most recent post at World Reports, while the second is to the list of posts of the site. I recommend taking the time to view at least all the November posts listed.

Christopher Story presents also the claim that the shooting at Fort Hood was a cover for a secret government operation to confiscate riches in stolen gold and currency that apparently had been understood to be stored there under the “ownership” of George Herbert Walker Bush, who other sources say is actually a German-born Nazi infiltrator into our nation and whose real name may be George H. Scherf, Jr.  However, Christopher Story seems to indicate that G.H.W. Bush’s name is actually Adolf Shickelbusch.  It’s not clear whether Story’s use of that name is merely meant as a derogatory reference to G.H.W. Bush’s disposition, or whether Story in fact may have been fed disinformation, which would not be without precedent.

When reading, keep in mind that this fellow, Christopher Story, the Editor, does not cite his sources for his information, although in older posts he does provide his own contact information.  However, the information he provides within his posts is very convincing, and the references he occasionally makes to information can be confirmed.



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