ClimateGate: A COMPREHENSIVE Examination of the Leaked Emails and Documents

The embedded document below, providing detailed analysis of the entire ClimateGate affair, is authored by Lord Christopher Monckton, and derived from his website,

If you haven’t already noticed, the “Mainstream Media” has been UNDER-reporting the facts, and in some cases, misrepresenting the facts of the content of the leaked emails and documents. The “Mainstream Media” once again is in lock-step with the Globalists who have had their tentacles of influence in the so-called “Free Press” for many years now. To witness the continued downward spiral of the “Mainstream Media” into the cesspool of mendacity is at once laughable and sickening. The devious phenomenon is definitely a harbinger of the type of world that the United Nations and the Globalists have in store for us: global socialist tyranny – that is, if we let it happen. Our nation’s Constitution represents the last domino, the final showdown. The true Liberty of every Sovereign Citizen of not just this nation, but that of all the world, hangs on what we now let happen or make happen.

What will you let happen? What will you make happen?

The leaked emails and documents may be downloaded from here:,_data,_models,_1996-2009

Have a look for yourself. Take the time to carefully go over the emails. For my part, I found confirmation of instances of deceit and collusion, but still further did I acquire the view of the overall tenor of the entire ‘message’: Conspiracy to foist fraud upon the entire world.

Lord Christopher Monckton, on whom I heap mountains of gratitude, wants you to know this:

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