World Government because of alleged Climate Change? . . . MY ROMPUY!

In the wake of a wealth of leaked documents and emails from the Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia in Great Britain that demonstrate a conspiracy of fraud and racketeering in order to foist a massive hoax upon the world, Obama nevertheless may still engage in an act of high treason in December, dutifully delivering our country to the Globalists by their design by signing the Copenhagen “Climate Treaty.” Since Globalist leaders have taken the stance that the act of signing the Treaty would only be “operationally binding,” leading to a definitive treaty sometime in 2010, Obama may therefore sign the Treaty in spite of not having H.R. 2454 tucked in his pocket without ever acknowledging the leaked emails and documents as long as corporate “mainstream media” is State-controlled, this, so that he can claim ‘plausible deniability.’ His signing the Treaty would place enormous pressure on Congress to still pass H.R. 2454 at some point.

The following is the offending language within the “Climate Treaty” draft that sabotages our nation’s Constitution, and surreptitiously obliterates the autonomous free market by potentially burdening commercial enterprise as well as private citizens with “carbon” taxes to be owed to the new “Conference of the Parties” (COP) of the United Nations. As long as the MSM is state-controlled, will Obama acknowledge the leaked emails before Copenhagen? Not if he wants to be able to claim ‘plausible deniability’, he won’t.

Call the Senators of the entire Senate and tell them, “This shall not pass!!”:

“38. The scheme for the new institutional arrangement under the Convention will be based on three basic pillars: government; facilitative mechanism; and financial mechanism, and the basic organization of which will include the following:

(a) The government will be ruled by the COP with the support of a new subsidiary body on adaptation, and of an Executive Board responsible for the management of the new funds and the related facilitative processes and bodies. The current Convention secretariat will operate as such, as appropriate.

(b) The Convention’s financial mechanism will include a multilateral climate change fund including five windows: (a) an Adaptation window, (b) a Compensation window, to address loss and damage from climate change impacts, including insurance, rehabilitation and compensatory components, (c) a Technology window; (d) a Mitigation window; and (e) a REDD window, to support a multi-phases process for positive forest incentives relating to REDD actions.

(c) The Convention’s facilitative mechanism will include: (a) work programmes for adaptation and mitigation; (b) a long-term REDD process; (c) a short-term technology action plan; (d) an expert group on adaptation established by the subsidiary body on adaptation, and expert groups on mitigation, technologies and on monitoring, reporting and verification; and (e) an international registry for the monitoring, reporting and verification of compliance of emission reduction commitments, and the transfer of technical and financial resources from developed countries to developing countries. The secretariat will provide technical and administrative support, including a new centre for information exchange.”

Part 1 of interview of Lord Christopher Monckton:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

The premise is not whether Global Warming is now, did ever, or will ever occur, but whether any human activity can *cause* Global Warming.

The entire “Green” movement is a fabricated front to commandeer the loyalty of our nation’s citizenry away from the genuine liberties extending from our natural rights of life and property as enumerated within the U.S. Constitution toward a majority acceptance of our nation’s becoming a member of the global economic network of the Marxist New World Order.  We’ve been shepherded stealthfully over decades; the diabolical conspiracy is indeed as real as it is audacious.

The entire global effort by the United Nations to set up a worldwide “Cap and Trade” system is based, by design, on fraud. Now, it just so happens, and inconveniently for those fraudulent conspirators, that the global temperature has been on a cooling trend.  But regardless, the only legitimate rectification needed is the clamping down on the continued worldwide injection into our air of toxins by industrial smokestacks.  The tax and fraud (cap and trade) scheme is DESIGNED to blame the citizenry of developed countries while orchestrating the incremental degradation of our standard of living in order to effect a “redistribution of wealth,” and use the excuse of punishing us for our “carbon footprint” to justify the incremental destruction of our industrial independence.  All of this is a CRIMINAL conspiracy to induce America into accepting the U.N.-backed plot of “global governance” and the surrendering of our natural rights as enumerated within the U.S. Constitution.

Senator Jim Inhofe has gone on record to state the need for an investigation into whether “top climate scientists conspired to manipulate data to hide evidence of global cooling while engaging in academic witch hunts to eliminate scientists skeptical of man-made climate change.”

1) Here is a 2007 study that illustrates that the “Climate-Change” model that advances the assertion of Global Warming does not comport with the observed evidence.

PAPER: A comparison of tropical temperature trends with model predictions

ABSTRACT: We examine tropospheric temperature trends of 67 runs from 22 ‘Climate of the 20th Century’ model simulations and try to reconcile them with the best available updated observations (in the tropics during the satellite era). Model results and observed temperature trends are in disagreement in most of the tropical troposphere, being separated by more than twice the uncertainty of the model mean. In layers near 5 km, the modelled trend is 100 to 300% higher than observed, and, above 8 km, modelled and observed trends have opposite signs. These conclusions contrast strongly with those of recent publications based on essentially the same data.

2) Here is a brief article illustrating REAL “Climate Science” as based upon the Sun (what a concept!):

3) The Report From Iron Mountain – G. Edward Griffin’s 2002 summary taken from
Chapter 24 of his book, “The Creature from Jekyll Island

The following is just a smattering of highlights in Griffin’s summary, written by James Perloff, as found at:

Report from Iron Mountain, published in 1967 as the leaked findings of a private three-year study commissioned by the U.S. government, may shed light on this. The report made shocking recommendations, some of which are now becoming reality. The establishment press denounced the report as a hoax; five years later, the late Leonard C. Lewin proclaimed he had written it as a satire on government think tanks. For a satire, however, it was strangely devoid of humor. Many wonder if the “hoax” charge was issued for damage control.

The study chiefly discussed the implications of the world moving from the system of war — which nuclear weapons were making impractical — to disarmament. The report cited many advantages to war, one of which was allegiance by citizens to their government:

In general, the war system provides the basic motivation for primary social motivation. In doing so, it reflects on the societal level the incentives of individual human behavior. The most important of these, for social purposes, is the individual psychological rationale for allegiance to a society [read: government] and its values. Allegiance requires a cause; a cause requires an enemy. This much is obvious; the critical point is that the enemy that defines the cause must seem genuinely formidable.

The report noted that if wars disappeared due to the advent of nuclear weapons, a new “enemy” would be required to induce citizen allegiance. Among the solutions proposed were threats to the environment:

Nevertheless, an effective political substitute for war would require “alternate enemies,” some of which might seem equally farfetched in the context of the current war system. It may be, for instance, that gross pollution of the environment can eventually replace the possibility of mass destruction by nuclear weapons as the principal apparent threat to the survival of the species. Poisoning of the air, and of the principal sources of food and water supply, is already well advanced, and at first glance would seem promising in this respect; it constitutes a threat that can be dealt with only through social organization and political power. But from present indications it will be a generation to a generation and a half before environmental pollution, however severe, will be sufficiently menacing, on a global scale, to offer a possible basis for a solution.

It is true that the rate of pollution could be increased selectively for this purpose; in fact, the mere modifying of existing programs for the deterrence of pollution could speed up the process enough to make the threat credible much sooner.

Was this the green movement’s beginning?  In the report’s wake, numerous environmental scares were raised: acid rain, overpopulation, ozone depletion, toxic waste, deforestation, endangered species, global warming, etc.  Establishment foundations began pouring billions of dollars into environmental groups.

Such a humungous scam is not without precedent.

Norman Dodd was the original Whistleblower exposing the infiltration of Marxist/Communist sympathizers into America’s domestic affairs by way of the creation of such major tax-exempt foundations as the Rockefeller Foundation, the Carnegie Endowment, and the Ford Foundation.

Here is a transcript of this interview of Norman Dodd by G. Edward Griffin:

And finally, for your astonishment, here is the actual, full 1967 document, “Report From Iron Mountain; On the Possibility and Desirability of Peace”:

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