Be it Declared:

On This Day Forward, from November 11th to November 21st, 2009, the Time has arrived for a Free People, after careful, open and deliberate consideration of all Facts pertaining to the intransigence of the United States Federal Government to at all points hold faithful the Constitution for the united States of America and to give faithful redress to all petitions of grievances duly, diligently and lawfully rendered unto it over ample and reasonable time by the Sovereign Citizens of the States of the Constitutional Republic as represented by Delegates from each participating State to the Continental Congress of 2009 held in St. Charles, Illinois, to determine such course or courses of action as constituting responsible engagement of unalienable Right as conferred by the Creator upon each Sovereign individual in a Free Society and which therefore is in consonance with Reason harbored by intelligent, moral and Righteous men and women, that will effect that Resolution of such grievances as will result in the full and irrevocable safety, security, and tranquility of a nation of Sovereign individuals in the most expeditious manner.  — Opey606


November 11th to November 21st, 2009 — AGENDA (pdf)

Live Stream:

To Defend, NOT Amend, the Constitution for the united States:

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