Greenback gases, Gold, and the Coming Shift

What it all boils down to is … the removal by the Federal Reserve Bank of gold as the world’s monetary system in 1971, replacing it with the “Federal Reserve Note” (you call it the “dollar bill”) which was the final blow to the integrity of independent nations after 300 years of the increasing proliferation by the world’s Central Banks of inflated paper (fiat) currency as credit (with interest) (otherwise known as USURY “DEBT”), mainly to fund wars of all sides around the world.

With increasing irresponsible spending within the U.S. throughout the decades, the final scene of this 300-year-long disaster movie, whose screenplay had been pre-written by International Bankers and the Globalist elite, and in which we find ourselves as mere “extras,” is now coming into full view . . .

Greenback gases, Gold, and the Coming Shift

By Darryl Robert Schoon

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