Looks like it’s a real possibility that it’s a forgery.

The raised seal on the document is not discernible enough to be proven an authentic Kenyan seal, or any seal, for that matter.

An Australian birth registration document for someone else has surfaced online showing the same Birth Register book and page numbers.  Also, the names of the Principal and District registrars are the same names on each the Kenyan and Australian documents, with just the first initial for each name changed.  Lastly, the document number appearing at the top ( 7s. 6d. 495)  is the same for each.

David Jeffrey Bomford Registration of Birth

It’s not clear whether Kenya was considered a Republic in its own right between its December 1963 independence and its officially becoming a Republic within the Common wealth of Nations exactly one year later. The stationary for the Obama document issued on Feb 17, 1964 shows “Republic of Kenya.”

“On 12 December 1963, Kenya became independent. Exactly one year later it became a republic within the Common wealth of Nations, with Jomo Kenyatta as the country’s first president.”

This is not to indicate, however, that the Obama document is merely the Australian document in disguise. All the fonts and other markings, including the emblem at the top, are different, one from the other, demonstrating that, if the Obama document is indeed a forgery, the Australian document may have served more as a design pattern than as a template.

Nevertheless, the following remains fact:

The entire birth certificate “issue” is merely a smokescreen to hide the fact that, even if Obama was indeed born on U.S. soil (in which case he would be considered a *native-born* U.S. citizen), he has never been nor can he ever be a NATURAL-born U.S. citizen SIMPLY BECAUSE HIS (alleged) FATHER WAS A U.K. CITIZEN (of Kenyan birth) AT THE TIME OF OBAMA “JR.’s” BIRTH, rendering Obama Jr. at least a British citizen, and if in fact he was born on U.S. soil, then by the 14th amendment ALSO (read “dual”) a NATIVE-born U.S. citizen. Birth on U.S. soil ALONE is NOT ENOUGH for “Natural-born” status. Both your PARENTS must have been U.S. citizens at the TIME of your birth on U.S. soil.

The writers of the Constitution, most of whose parents held dual citizenship with Britain, rendering these writers NEVER to acquire ‘Natural-born’ status regardless of whether they, themselves, were born within the Colonies, wrote themselves INTO eligibility as presidential candidates in Article 2, Section 1, precisely because they intended that theirs be the ONLY generation of presidential candidates eligible to run as an EXCEPTION to the commonplace understanding that “Natural-born” meant and still means a birth on U.S. soil to at least a FATHER (at that time, the mother’s citizenship was not consequential) who was, at the time of the baby’s birth, a U.S. CITIZEN.

Article 2, Sec. 1, U.S. Constitution:

“No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President …”

Leo Donofrio’s treatment:


The Federalist Papers
By P.A. Madison on November 18, 2008


Citizen at Birth (CAB) does NOT equal Natural Born Citizen (NBC) – Mario Puzzo, Esq.


Click to view large view of Registration of Birth

Yesterday, Orly Taitz, Esq.,  on behalf of Alan Keyes, Plaintiff, filed a — NOTICE OF MOTION AND MOTION to Expedite authentication, MOTION for Issuance of Letters Rogatory for authenticity of Kenyan birth certificate — with the UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT, CENTRAL DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA


You will note that the Certified Birth Registration document was issued on February 17th, 1964, just two months after Kenya was formally declared independent from Britain (December 1963) becoming the Republic of Kenya; thus, the document is on stationary of the “Office of the Principal Registrar, Coast Province, Republic of Kenya.” Someone had secured this certified copy of Obama’s registration of birth just 2.75 years after he was born IN COAST GENERAL HOSPITAL, MOMBASA, KENYA on August 4th, 1961. Barack Hussein Obama II was born a Kenyan citizen with dual citizenship with BRITAIN. This USURPER has foisted the second greatest fraud by a President (and Senator!) in U.S. History.  It remains to be seen if his name actually underwent a formal change to Barry Soetoro when he was ADOPTED by Lolo Soetoro to live and go to school in Indonesia.  How about releasing your school and college records, HOOEVERUARE.

The first greatest fraud was the ushering into the presidency the Nazi spy George H. Scherf, Jr., as the 41st President under the imposter name of George Herbert Walker Bush.


Neither he nor his son, George W. Bush, were Natural-born citizens; the father because he was born in GERMANY, and his son because at the time of his birth his father was not a U.S. citizen as his identity was and still is a FRAUD.


I fully suspect that the Federal Reserve Bank will very soon devalue the dollar, perhaps even after a nationwide closure of the banks if even just for a temporary period, causing massive price hikes.


One of several purposes:  to now further attempt to protract, squelch, or otherwise keep out of the ‘mainstream media’ Orly Taitz’ legal efforts to get this birth registration document legally acknowledged and authenticated.  The dollar will NOT recover from such a calamity.

The Federal Reserve is being guided by the international bankers to bring us to the point of begging for a global currency.  It has been the plan of the international bankers all along, for decades, to BREAK the dollar as the international monetary standard and replace it with a global currency.  The long-nurtured plan has been to subvert the U.S. Constitution to the point-of-no-return, stripping us of our civil liberties so that, under a Fascist state, the American people would become subservient to global economic governance.  H.R. 2454, the “Cap and Trade” bill, is a MASSIVE tax bill that will send federal ‘auditors’ INTO YOUR HOME under penalty of fine for refusing them entry.  The tax revenue would go to offshore banking institutions while you will be subjected to energy-consumption limits that would impact nearly every aspect of your life.  There’s still time to insist that the Senate REJECT H.R. 2454 when it returns from recess.  CALL AND WRITE YOUR SENATORS.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND that the international bankers (who own the private Federal Reserve Central Bank) and the five contracted manufacturers of vaccines, including the caught-red-handed Baxter Pharmaceuticals, have $ BILLIONS invested in the administering of the DEADLY vaccines for the man-made H1N1 “Swine Flu” virus. A tanking of the dollar by the private Federal Reserve Central Bank and the consequent financial and social chaos will give the U.N. and the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) the prompting to dissolve the corporation of the United States (the U.S. is not really a country!) and have international troops join with U.S. troops to impose martial law (joint training took place JUST LAST WEEK in Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and California) to attempt to FORCE each of us to accept the vaccine into our bodies. The U.N. and the W.H.O. can do this because the W.H.O. has that legal agreement with the corporation of the United States courtesy of George W. Bush. Another lil’ gift lil’ Dubbuya gave to us was the granting of IMMUNITY to the vaccine manufacturers from any lawsuits. Your right to hold a vaccine manufacturer liable for wrongful death or debilitation has been TAKEN AWAY FROM YOU. Why?

More than half million oversized plastic coffins have been stockpiled at strategic locations nationwide by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) during lil’ Dubbuya’s administration.



Preposterous, you say, that our government would be conspiring to kill us by deadly vaccines?

See for yourself what Obama’s own “Science Czar” has advocated:



This is no joke. This is real. This is what has been going on under our noses for the last 8 years while we’ve been hypnotized by the corporate-owned, “mainstream media” by DESIGN. (The international bankers have owned the corporate media for decades!)

NONE OF THIS IS ABOUT LEFT OR RIGHT, DEMOCRATS OR REPUBLICANS. It’s all a RACKET to keep us from looking in the direction of the purveyors of death, the international global elite banksters!

Austrian Journalist files BioTerrorism Charges against WHO, UN


Baxter, Novartis, GSK “swine flu” vaccines will not be part of official clinical trials in the US – Only two vaccines without adjuvants from CSL and Sanofi Pasteur will be tested by vaccine watchdog


Why are the vaccines with adjuvants not being tested in the US?


On December 29th, 2009, the U.N. and W.H.O. will impose a worldwide LAW controlling the nature of our food, and RESTRICT certain foods and nutrients from us. YOU MUST MUST!! read this page:


We are down to the wire, people. You must ACT!

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