Cop Slams Innocent Man Head-First Into A Coma

Cop Slams Innocent Man Head-First Into A Coma

It is so obvious that the “officer”, Matthew Paul, immediately dragged Christopher Harris away from the wall to try to eliminate the evidence which consisted in the young man’s rested position after having been brutally rammed.

I just don’t have the words. The young man STOPPED in front of the “officer.” Christopher Harris did not raise his hands, did not raise his arms against the “officer,” did not show ANY RESISTANCE. What can possibly be offered to a DECENT PUBLIC to explain away this “officer’s” OPPRESSIVE AND BRUTAL ACT????

I just can’t believe what this nation is coming to. WHERE WERE AND ARE THIS YOUNG MAN’S CIVIL LIBERTIES????

I am truly and SERIOUSLY grieving the late, great, Constitutional Republic of the United States.

In 1776 the sincere and farseeing crafters of the foundation of this nation were inspired to safeguard inalienable civil liberties. Today, as then, the Most Highs truly rule in the kingdoms of men. Therefore, all attempts to subvert our constitutional civil liberties WILL FAIL.

Sunday, May 10th, 2009

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