Electronic Voting Machine Use Goes To Federal Jury

May 11th, 2009

WTP Federal Lawsuit to Ban All Electronic Voting Heads for Trial

Discovery Begins, Jury Will Decide the Law

[Three years after Clinton Curtis testified in front of Congress of his personal knowledge and hands-on involvement with the creation of source code, at the blatant behest of then-Speaker of the House of the Florida State Legislature, Tom Feeney, that would rig the electronic ballot machines to sabotage the 2000 Election vote count of South Floridians in favor of G.W. Bush for President, WeThePeople Foundation filed a federal lawsuit (three months before the 2008 Primary Election) to ban the use of electronic voting machines in all states. EIGHTEEN MONTHS LATER, more than 100 days after the Obama/Soetoro inauguration, the case has finally been allowed to enter the pre-trial Discovery phase, with actual jury trial to be scheduled sometime in 2010.]

In the complaint [now in pre-trial Discovery phase], WTP supporters from all fifty states participated as plaintiffs arguing that the People have a fundamental, natural Right to know their votes are being accurately counted, and that it is unconstitutional for the Government to count our votes in secret — which is precisely what happens when the “hidden” mechanisms of a machine (whether electronic or mechanical) counts the votes and produces a total.

The complaint further asserts that machine-based vote counting provides abundant opportunities for criminal sabotage, election fraud and errors of all types to occur at almost every step of the election process, beginning with the manufacture and maintenance of vote counting machines, and extending well into election night when machine-contrived vote totals are allegedly passed to, and broadcast by, a (privately-owned) national corporate media consortium without any official, public certification of local vote totals.

The WTP complaint requests the Court impose not only a total ban of all vote counting machines (mechanical and electronic) but to impose on state election officials a detailed manual vote counting and certification procedure based solely on the use of plain paper ballots, hand-marked, stored, counted and certified at each precinct level polling location, in full view of the public, at all times.

This lawsuit is now our best chance to bring an end to election chicanery and restore integrity to the most fundamental process the People have designed into the Constitution for directly establishing and maintaining their servant government.

Click here to view the Complaint filed well in advance of the Primary and General Elections of 2008!

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