Arizona Police are (have been?) assaulting the people and the U.S. Constitution

Two weeks ago, Steven Anderson, a Baptist minister, was beaten, tazed and stomped-upon by Arizona checkpoint police … for insisting upon his 4th amendment Constitutional right not to allow his car and person to be subjected to search. His windows were crushed in, he was immediately tazed, his head bashed into the broken glass of the door, and then he was thrown to the ground and his head stomped on … all because he knew of and insisted upon his 4th amendment right not to consent to an unwarranted search. Police had early claimed their dog had detected something, but refused Arizona Highway Patrol’s request that they bring the dog back to make certain. AZ checkpoint police could not and never did cite just what reason existed that had originally placed Anderson under suspicion.

Can this nation afford to allow this brazen conduct of stepping over constitutional boundaries to go on without genuine justice? Do you want to live in a Police State or in a constitutional republic as is our birthright within this country?

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